Sunday, June 19, 2011


Oh my! So much has happened since the last time I wrote here..

First of all my health has been REALLY bad - I had a procedure carried out in hospital and then managed to get an infection not only in the wound site but also in my kidneys (I've never been one to do things by halves). A trip to Casualty left me with THREE different antibiotics, which then really knocked my body about - I wasn't sure what was caused by such a massive dose of antibiotics and what was due to the infections but it was truly awful.

I think it was the most ill I have ever been, or that I can remember anyway; but I have come through the other side of it and am going back to work on Wednesday this week after having to have taken two weeks (two weeks!) off. Sadly I was too ill to really appreciate the time off work, though in the last couple of days I have been well enough to be able to concentrate on my crochet again - yay!

I've been keeping myself busy making simple things, like the cotton facial scrubbies. It's great to be making something again; I knew I was starting to feel better when I started taking up my hook and yarn again :)

I'm hoping that these will sell well for me when I take part in a craft fair next month...fingers crossed everyone please!

I had a 'custom' order for a bag since I last wrote on here - it turned out really well and is now in Singapore!The yarn is a bamboo and cotton mix and is definitely something I would use again - it's a beautiful shade of blue and has a lovely texture. The customer was happy with it, which is super great!

I've had a total of 91 sales from my Etsy shop - which I'm delighted with - inching closer and closer to the 'magic' target of 100 sales! I've had a total of five sales to Australia now - which is just fab; and the majority continue to go to America.

These wristwarmers are my favourites in my shop at the moment - I love bright rainbow colours so much!

I'll be listing some new wristwarmers today (hopefully) and I'm nearly finished a natural cotton bag with coloured hearts so that will be up soon. I'm working hard to try and get a fair amount of 'stock' ready for the craft fair in a few weeks time. It's hard to know what, if anything, will sell so I'm trying to get a bit of everything in stock!