Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Happy Christmas to everyone reading this :)

Things have been very busy for a while, so apologies for not posting as often as I'd like; I'm still getting the hang of using my new 'tablet' but am so pleased with myself for being able to have paid for it with my Selkie money! I'd never have thought that I'd be doing that well with all this!!

Having been VERY good lately and not buying any new yarns I kind of had a moment of weakness...Black Sheep Wools were doing 'free international shipping' (as well as running a sale!) so I had a splurge! This will keep me going for months I think!!

The black Patons smoothie is for a custom order for Jana's son - black long wrist warmers and a 'net' scarf - can't wait to get started on it but I'm in the middle of a pair of 4-ply wrist warmers so I want to get them finished first.

The craft fairs I've done lately have been pretty successful - but the last one was in Dromid on Sunday (from 2-5pm) and I didn't sell a single solitary stitch! It was so disappointing but I guess it's just one of those things -- at least the other ones had gone alright and my Etsy shop is doing fine (though it's pretty quiet right now..)

Like this time last year I'm back to trying to get my 'shop' restocked after the holiday rush -- I've got 49 items listed right now; it's funny, through the rest of the year I think 'Oh I've got too much in my shop' but then all of a sudden it seems to disappear!

----stopping this post short to go and watch tv ('Eastenders'!) and to have a glass of wine -- will hopefully continue later or in the next few days....

Saturday, December 8, 2012

high tech Selkie

This is the first blog post I've written on my brand new Google Nexus tablet! It won't have photos or anything swish but it's just so cool to be able to post this while I am snuggled on the sofa with Peter :-)

I've tried really hard to save up my 'selkie' money this year - by not keeping buying wool as soon as something sells in my Etsy shop or at a craft fair and so I've been able to buy most of my Christmas presents with my selkie savings and was able to treat myself to this awesome piece of technology!

It'll take me a while to get the hang of it all but isn't technology amazing??

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crazy Crazy Crazy...

Drat it, I had meant to write a third update on my blog in November, but now it's the 2nd December already...time really flies!

I had been a bit apprehensive about my shop on Etsy, and was worrying that sales would be seriously down this year; but of course I was worrying about nothing (as is often the case) -- the month of November was great in my shop! I even took $150 more in sales this year compared to last November (and I was really happy with how things went last November)

It's great - I'm really thrilled, I never thought I would ever be this much of a success with my crochet, and in such a relatively short period of time.

 I did a craft fair in the Tech down the road yesterday and it was SO successful -- best of all was seeing lots of people walking around wearing my wrist warmers and cuffs :o) I decided to keep a pair of the wrist cuffs for myself and was wearing them at the fair, and I think that really helped me get some sales. The ones I kept are these

 -- the deepest richest purple, with a blend of baby alpaca and mulberry silk -- heaven! I even had a woman offer to buy them but they are MINE now!

I also had a craft fair over the previous weekend - the Holistic and Wellness Fair in the Royal on Valentia. It was pretty quiet but I didn't do too badly and would be interested in taking part when they hold another one next year (in February, in Tralee)

I've been really good and kept a list that weekend and yesterday of everything that sold at the fairs -- it isn't like me to be so organised, but it really helps to keep track of how much €€€ I've made and makes it easier when I'm re-activating my listings to put them back up on my Etsy shop.

At the Holistic & Wellness Fair I sold

  • black/white wristwarmers (Tivoli aran)
  • pinky/purple wristwarmers (Freedom Spirit)
  • black/white wristwarmers (Freedom Spirit)
  • pink/gold wristwarmers
  • orange wristwarmers (Mirage)
  • blue wristwarmers (Peter Pan)
  • blue wristwarmers (German acrylic)
  • 10 cotton face scrubbies (I sold them individually for €1 each)
  • green curly scarf (Mirage)
  • blue curly scarf (glittery German yarn)
  • cotton bath mitt (natural cotton)
  • curly blue/black scarf (Noro yarn)
  • red wool hat (Killarney Woolen Mills)
  • red/black beanie
  • striped hat (Tivoli Ocean)
Not too bad really.

Then yesterday I sold....

  •  wrist cuffs (Noro wool)
  • brick red cuffs (angora/wool)
  • grey cuffs (baby cashmerino)
  • duck egg blue cuffs (merino wool, I think it was Debbie Bliss, not sure!)
  • bright striped cuffs (Knitcol yarn)
  • purple hat (angora/wool)
  • rainbow hat (wool was bought in town, can't remember what it's called)
  • blue bow hat (blue yarn with glitter, bought in Kidderminster)
  • blue wristwarmers (German acrylic)
  • green/red wristwarmers (Sirdar Crofter)
  • green wristwarmers (Mirage)
  • blue multi wristwarmers (posh Fair Trade yarn from Uruguay) 
  • brown wristwarmers (Mille Colori)
  •  brown cowl (Mille Colori)
 Phew! It's been wonderful -- and next Sunday I'm off to Valentia again for another craft fair! Then the following week there's one in Dromid, which would be nice to go to too...that's if I have any stock left - ha ha!

I'm working hard to get some more wrist warmers made for these craft fairs (and for my Etsy shop too) -- I thought I nearly had too much stock; but it doesn't look like it right now (this is a wonderful complaint though!)

As well as trying to build up some stock I've got a list of 'commissions' for people, and also I'm making cotton/bamboo bags for two of my nieces for Christmas, which I need to get on with!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pretty Flowers :)

I thought I'd try and write my blog a bit more often now that I'm not so busy with work and other bits and pieces in my life so here we are, only the 6th of November and this is my SECOND blog post of the month! What's coming over me??!

So anyway, these are some of my beloved orchids! I always thought that orchids were something that would be really hard to grow and take care of: that once they had flowered you may as well throw them away as they would never flower again (unless you did some super-dooper feeding regime) --- but I've had most of mine for nearly a year now and some of them are already flowering for a second time! All this without any special care or feeding or whatever. All I do is to water them with the water from the dehumidifier (whenever I remember!) - I think they are just happy on that windowsill so I haven't tried to move them or do anything with them to tempt fate.

The third photo is one that I just bought yesterday; I saw it in M&S and thought ''oooh that looks unusual'' and bought it as a treat to myself. Hopefully it will be as happy there as the other ones are - I've got two of the old ones flowering right now (and the flowers literally last for weeks!) and then yesterday I noticed that another of the old ones has a new shoot coming on an old flower stalk - so eventually that will flower again for me too. I can't remember what colour flowers that one has so that's kind of exciting - I'll just have to wait and see.

I've bought myself four new amarylises this year and of course now I can't remember which is which - but that's part of the fun. Three of them are 'double' versions and I think the fourth one is plain white but I'm probably wrong...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays...

sad song  (click on the link) - when I was down on the beach yesterday I had this song going round my head (thanks to the weather!) so I thought I'd share it in here too as this is kind of my own personal headspace too.

Anyway...I went down to the beach yesterday with Peter to take some photos of the bags I'd just finished making as I needed to get them listed  -- I finished the wool ruffled one a while ago but was slow to get it photographed and listed (how I HATE writing listings!) but the love heart ones were just finished yesterday as a custom order so I was keen to get them online. The pink one is just so cute - it's for a little seven year old girl!

luckily the weather wasn't looking TOO showery so after we'd taken the photos Peter headed home and I headed off for some beach combing.

For the first time ever I took an umbrella with me (I was SO grateful for that just minutes later) - you can always see the showers coming in from Ballinskelligs (the other side of the bay here) but yesterday they were coming just so fast and  there's nowhere to shelter on that beach -- the cliffs aren't safe nowadays, too many falls of rocks, so I was so happy that I'd brought my umbrella!

 Our weather has been pretty stormy lately (though nothing compared to 'superstorm' Sandy of course) but look at all the poor worms that lost their homes :( I'm not sure what the proper name for these are but they are little worms that live in the sand and made a little tube out of sand to live in  - the sea must have been so rough that it churned up all the sand and evicted the poor worms. You need to click on the photo really to see how many there were - and that's just one patch of them :(

I thought I'd add a couple of photos of the shower coming in from Ballinskelligs - the second photo was taken while I was sheltering under my big umbrella!)

I'd brought some crochet with me to work on (a pair of wrist cuffs - but it was too wet to sit down and really enjoy the beach!) - but there's always another day at least.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Peter and I are just back home recently from a trip over to England - it was all a bit of a rush really as we were going over to help look after P's Mum after she had an operation to remove a cataract. I'm happy to say that it all has gone well and her eye-sight is lots better - she can finally see things out in the garden/on the TV etc and has been able to have a look at the crossword in the newspaper again (using a magnifying glass while they are waiting a few weeks for her to have a proper eye test). She's had a few bad days after the operation and we were all a bit apprehensive that it wouldn't 'work' (and she's totally blind in her other eye so it really needed to be a success)

While we were over we fitted in just SO much in to our time there; trips to the cinema, visiting Peter's lovely daughter and her boyfriend in their new house -- they'd moved in six months ago but this was the first time I'd been over to England since the Springtime so it was fab to see their new home together...we also had a day out in Birmingham (which was so over-whelming, I'm not used to crowds and so much noise now!), and finished off our time over there by going down to Portsmouth to visit my sister and her family for a flying visit too.

I also was able to finally get the wools I'd ordered a while ago - the postage was too much to Ireland so I had it sent to my mother in law's house & had to wait (impatiently!!) -- we also went to the wool shop in Kidderminster and then there's one down the road from my sister's house...

It was fab to see everyone and great to catch up but I'm just SO glad to be back home - you really can't beat sleeping in your own bed (with Oscar curled up on the pillow next to my head!)

Today was my first proper day back on the beach since we got home -- yay!! I took my crochet with me -- I'm working on a pair of wrist warmers in Tivoli Celtic Aran (which has been discontinued - nooooo!) The scarf is one I've made for myself with some yarn a friend brought me from America! I utterly adore the colours in's just perfect. There was enough for me to make myself a hat too!!!

This is where I was 'working' this afternoon - the sun even came out! You really can't beat 'home' :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


...and now I'm unemployed! My job on the ferry has finished for yet another year - I can't believe that I've completed my 7th season there; where does the time go? I thought I'd add some photos from the last couple of days at work; they pretty much sum it up really :) I know I'm so lucky to still love my job after so long but oh! I am so grateful for my winter break from it all. I don't really have anything life-changing planned for the winter, but I will keep myself busy with my crochet, beach combing, and tackling clearing one of the local grave yards (a 'job' I started on last winter and which will take years and years to complete)

On Etsy I've just listed my 101st item in my shop -- I had made it to 100 listings earlier this year but since then hadn't been able to make it back up there again -- because of this just being a hobby really, and real-life and work taking over in importance through the summer months. Hopefully things will pick up a bit for the winter over there...but I am intending to take part in more craft fairs to try and get some extra sales - the next one is 24/25th November on Valentia.

I've sold a couple of the wrist cuffs that I'd made for my shop - they really were a bit of an experiment so I'm really pleased that someone bought two pairs! This is a pair I just listed yesterday - the photo doesn't do them justice...they are the deepest most gorgeous shade of purple and are a blend of baby alpaca and mulberry silk - just pure heaven... If these ones don't sell I'll definitely keep them for myself as purple is my all-time favourite colour...

This is something that I'm making for myself - yay!! A lovely friend brought the wool over from America when she was on holiday over here and I'm making the most wonderful scarf with it -- isn't it lovely? I really adore how the stripes are working out properly so that the colour change isn't in the middle of a row - a happy accident! I can't wait til it's finished and I can wear it -- I'm hoping that there will be enough of the wool left over so that I can make a matching hat...I need a new hat.

I'm not really a 'hat' person but I'm recovering from the nastiest flu-y cold and found that wearing a hat outside at work really did help; so it would be good to have a couple to choose from.

 And wouldn't really be a proper blog update if I didn't post a photo of my 'darling one' -- I'm sure Oscar thinks that's his name really :) He's been so up and down lately; I don't think I've written about it on here but he has colitis which is a long term inflammation of his guts and means that he has good and bad days. On bad days he'll just want to curl up and sleep and won't eat much at all; but on the good days he's just like any other normal cat.
  I took this photo of him on a bad day and it pretty sums it up; he just wants to curl up and sleep til he starts to feel better. I know how he feels really...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wool and Water

''Wool and Water'' - what do you think? I was toying with the idea of renaming my blog, or retitling it at least and this is my favourite idea. It pretty much sums up my life generally really but it's also the title of a chapter of one of my most favourite childhood books - ''Alice Through the Looking Glass'' click here!

So what do you think? Anybody??!! I quite fancy a change really...

Anyway, I'd better update on my life and crochet bits and pieces.

My Etsy shop seems to have pretty much stagnated so far this month, which is quite disappointing really as I was hoping that we would soon be in the start of the 'busy' season. There's still time of course, and of course it isn't really the end of the world either way, but I was really hoping to reach my goal of having had 300 Etsy sales by Christmastime. I don't know if that will happen now...

I've decided that the best way around shop-stagnation is to try and have another string to my crochet-selling bow ;) So this year I've done way more craft fairs than I did last year! Last weekend I was there for the Sunday of the Valentia Isle Festival and it was quite successful for me really even though there weren't really that many people milling about at our end of the field.

You can see me at the far left of the photo, with my crochet on the tables in front of me (big thanks to Pat Lawless for taking the photo - he makes the most amazing furniture!). I really MUST get in the habit of writing down exactly what items have sold so I can keep track of it all. I brought a few items that I hadn't listed in my Etsy shop yet and so it's hard to remember just what I brought with me and what actually sold. It isn't very professional really and is something that I need to do.

My next craft fair is at the end of November - on Valentia Island again -- so far every time I've done a craft fair on the island it's all gone really well, so hopefully this one will be too. It'll be my first ever two day event!! I'm moving on up!!! It's the ''Holistic Wellness Fair'' in the Royal Hotel and is on the 24th and 25th November. Hopefully I'll fit in a couple more local fairs before Christmas; last year I did one in Waterville and one in Valentia (at the Royal again!)

Wow I just read through my blog post from this time last year I've come a long way! and it all feels like so long ago now; way more than just 12 months ago (almost to the day!) So sad to read about our lovely Boris - I miss him every day :( but now we have little Oscar in our lives, which is surely something to be grateful for.

What do you think about these wrist cuffs? They are my own design - can you tell??!!! I made this pair with the lovely 'Ondine' yarn from Louisa Harding Yarns - oh I wish I could afford to always use her yarns! This Ondine is 100% cotton and has the most wonderful shades: this one is called 'indigo' but it's a really great colour - not just a flat plain blue, it also has inky black and sea green subtly running through the yarn.  I posted a photo of these on the Facebook page of Louisa Harding Yarns and they actually posted the photo on the page themselves - so they must look ok?! I got quite a few compliments, which is really lovely. If I was any good I guess I'd write down the pattern really!!!

I hope the photo above doesn't offend or upset anyone - I think it's kind of beautiful in a sad way - a close up of a dead seal pup's front flipper. Every year so many of the baby seals don't make it to adulthood, I guess it's just natural selection at work but it's so sad to find them washed up on the beach :( It's a rare chance to see a seal so closely though I guess; I love their claws - they look so sharp!

It's quickly coming to the end of my season on the car ferry in Valentia -- I only have ten working days left now; so I am looking forward to being able to spend more time to my two favourite past times--crochet and beach combing of course ;)

This was the view from the ferry the other morning - isn't it just glorious? How lucky am I??! To top it all we had a group of approx 20 bottlenose dolphins swim alongside us yesterday - they were only with us for 10 or so minutes but it was just heaven!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Sorry for not posting at all last month; I try to update this every month (I'm really writing this blog for myself, if anyone reads it then it's a bonus) but July is such a bonkers month at work -- August is even busier but I thought that if I don't sit down and write a quick update NOW then it will end up staying on the long finger and I won't get around to it until September or even later!

I really enjoy being able to look back at the old posts on here, it's a great way of seeing how far I've come :)

I'm now up to 262 sales in my Etsy shop; I'm really hoping that I will reach the milestone of 300 before Christmas (I can't imagine having that many sales  -  it constantly amazes me that this is really happening to little old me)

June was a pretty quiet month in my shop but July was better - I decided to take part in the 'Christmas in July' promotion on Etsy and it was a big success; definitely something that I would participate in next year. I used the 'Etsy on Sale' site to change all the titles - and was able to do that for free as part of an offer for being a new customer there; I think I would pay to use the service again though - you can even set it so that it edits the tags as well as the titles --- and then, best of all, when your sale/promotion is over it will set everything back to normal: like magic!

Peter and I took part in the Scallop Festival craft market in Valentia again this year - it was pretty successful too, we made slightly more money there this year compared to last year, which is great. This year it was all in little 'booths' under cover, which was great :)

 I've also been attending the indoor market in Portmagee the last three weeks -- the first week we just sold ONE PAIR OF WRISTWARMERS!!! What a fiasco! I was so disheartened, especially as it was just after the (successful) day at the Scallop Festival. The next week we sold way more - I forgot to write down just what had sold but financially it was great :) Then last week Peter went on his own as I was working and only sold two hats and a pair of wrist warmers! There doesn't really seem to be any rhyme or reason to how it all works, you just have some good days and some bad days, but any sales are a bonus really so I'm happy with how it's all gone.
In my spare time I've been trying to fit in as much beach-combing and rock pooling as I can -- I am utterly fascinated with sea anemones! Who knew that the red ones have a royal blue edging!?? You wouldn't think it was natural, would you? 

 ...and how about this pink rock pool?? I think the pink-ness is a type of encrusting seaweed rather than a coral; it looks so surreal though!

I've been busy, crocheting by the sea too -- it isn't all rockpooling :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Excuse me while I do a happy dance but this month I finally reached my 'goal' of having 250 sales on Etsy :) I'd really wanted to achieve this goal before the second anniversary of my first ever sale (a pair of wrist warmers to the lovely Miss Gault on 11th July 2010) and it happened!!!

My 250th sale was just a ball of Rowan bamboo tape that I was de-stashing (to make room for even more yarn in my boxes) but I am delighted none the less!

When I started out with my crochet I would have never believed anyone if they ever said that I'd have sold so much within such a relatively short period of time. I really am delighted and very proud of myself.

Things have been very quiet on Etsy for me lately so I was half-worried that I wouldn't reach this target - but even if I hadn't achieved it, it wouldn't have been the end of the world... lovely friend Jana went over to Germany on holiday last month and came back with a whole load of different yarns for me! I never took a photo of them all together, I really should do - it was mostly cottons (which I had asked for) and a ball of lovely purple bamboo/cotton blend -- so I will be making lots and lots of scrubbies etc for my shop. These seem to sell very well coming up to Christmas last year so now I will have even more colours available :)

We were in Killarney last week so we did a very quick visit to the wool shop ....

I bought these ones for making hats - it's fab yarn, I've used it before in different colours.

and then I saw this .... it's ''Ondine'' by Louisa Harding -- I LOVE her yarns generally but the name and shades of this just spoke to me!! It's 100% cotton and I'm not sure what I will make with them but I fell in love with them and had to get them - they were reduced down to €3 a ball (nearly 1/2 the normal price)

I've been down on the beach whenever I can lately - the weather is a bit changeable but it's so lovely when the sun shines. I love this photo with the acorn barnacles so much - I'm using it as the 'cover' photo on my facebook page; I'm so happy with how it turned out!

 this is the view from where I was crochet-ing last week - aren't I just so lucky??! I was making this striped red and green beach bag while I was there (the colours are brighter in real life, it was so warm that I was sitting under the shade of a big boulder for a while so I could work in comfort!) -- and then when I'd finished with my crochet I packed up and started rockpooling for a while and found several of these red and green sea anemones!

At the moment I'm still in the middle of making bags - using King Cole's bamboo/cotton blend; the one I'm making just now is to use up all the odds and ends I had in various colours, so it's a bit on the colourful side, but hopefully someone will like it!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

May Update

Oh gosh, I nearly missed this month - so sorry for only updating at the very tail end of the month again.

As you can see, Summer is here :D

 I was working on a pair of wrist warmers out in the garden today - with Oscar dozing in the shade next to me; what a wonderful life...

 Yesterday I took my 'work' down to the beach but it was nearly too hot there - I don't know what happened to the sea breeze - but I found some shade near a great big boulder and was able to work away quite happily there. Eventually I got sleepy so put my work bag under my head and stretched out on the rocks in the shade - it was really comfortable, and the rocks were so deliciously cool. It was a shame to come home really, I love it's so peaceful, and I'm always the only person on that beach.

I don't know how many photos I've taken of me crochet-ing on the beach but I always love it :D

I'm so lucky - a friend of mine is having an art show at her studio next weekend and she's very kindly offered to take some of my own crochet bits and pieces and will have them there too, on the off-chance that someone might want to treat themselves. I am so excited! Even if nothing sells it's still a really lovely thought and an opportunity, for which I'm very grateful. I need to have a look through my 'shop' and deactivate some of the listings so that they can go to Valentia next Saturday. Fingers crossed that it will be a big success. 

I was really really keen to treat myself to a proper place to store all my crochet hooks in a tidy, organised manner (up until very recently I had kept them all in a vintage beaded handbag, which was lovely but it meant taking them all out just to find the one I wanted to use).  

My lovely friend Carrie suggested this lovely shop MegandMillie

I had a really hard time choosing just one but in the end selected this lovely 'scottie dog' one (my parents have a real scottie!)  

It looked beautiful in the listing photos but is even more perfect in real life. I really, really love how Emma has so carefully constructed it so immaculately -- little small details that you don't notice immediately: how the pattern on the fabric is matched up PERFECTLY, how you don't actually see the stitching on all the little compartments for the hooks, how well thought out the design is (I love the little closeable pocket inside for my stitch holders etc)

I'd REALLY recommend this lovely Etsy shop to anyone - she had great communication with me (which is important, often you don't hear anything at all from some other shops, even when your item has been posted), even refunded a small excess in the postage cost (which I wasn't expecting but was very impressed by) -- it was just a lovely lovely transaction, and then such a wonderful item too. :D

I've been totally spoiled rotten lately - the other day I got a wonderful surprise in the post from my friend Jane in England! Two 100g balls of this really lovely pure wool yarn all for myself!!!

 I made myself a new pair of wrist warmers - the first pair I've made for myself in ages and ages - and used a new pattern, for a change. I really love how they turned out and they have been so lovely to wear at work etc (it has still been very cold before Summer finally appeared)

 You can buy the yarn from here

I really love how it is all natural pure wool, without any chemicals, dyes or whatever. The colours are great and it was fab to work with.

Friday, April 20, 2012

April update

Phew, I nearly went a month without updating my lovely little blog, but I'm here now so all is well :)

I met up with Liz, from college for the first time in AGES and ages - she's still living in Cork so we met up 'half-way' in Killarney for the day last weekend.

Of course you can't have a trip to Killarney without going to the wool here's what I picked up!!

 I totally fell in love with this Noro - it's their 'Silk Garden Sock Yarn' - it's very fine but was lovely to work with - I made a scarf with it. The colours reminded me so much of one of Van Gogh's paintings (the starry night ones)
It's listed in my Etsy shop here and hopefully it will sell...

I really like making those frilly scarves so I made a green one from King Cole Mirage and will make some other ones in the future...hopefully there's a market for them (??)

I like them but Peter just doesn't ''get'' them at all...

So far this month I've sold four 'lots' of the beach pebbles :) I never really thought that they would take off so well but I think they are pretty unusual and I only select the prettiest ones I can find (or the most unusual ones) - I think I  have about 14-15 of them listed in my shop and have a few more 'in reserve' that I will list when some of the other ones sell --- I can't see the point in filling my whole shop with them. I'm really hoping that they will sell very well coming up to Christmas as they would be ideal ''stocking fillers'' (at least I think so anyway!)

I'm up to 104 listings in my Etsy shop now, which I'm really happy with as I've had a few sales - the other day someone in Ohio bought a pair of my shell-edged wrist warmers AND bought the pattern too!!

 I've been saving up my money in my pay pal account and bought some new business cards (above) - aren't they lovely??! It's my first time using some of those photos, but others are ones I've used for ages now - I think there's a nice selection there really, and they really reflect on my life I guess :)

Those three photos are my newest lot of postcards - I use one as a 'thank you' note with each purchase from my shop - it's just something small and personal that I like to do. They aren't cheap but I think it's nice and I've had a lot of really positive feedback and comments about them, which is great.

You really need to click on the photos to see them all properly - I'm so happy with how they turned out -- I love Moo so much!!! I really think they make the very best business cards etc, and I love how much you can personalise the cards.

Finally, it wouldn't be a proper blog update from me without a cat photo, so here's Oscar fast asleep and hinting for me to get off the computer!!! Click on the link to take you to where we got the cute spider web mouse mat from - it's brilliant! 
They have lots of different designs and they are really great - very good quality -- I wasn't sure about ordering one over the internet rather than just picking one up in a shop but we are totally satisfied :) It's nice to have something so quirky and of course Peter loves spiders!!