Friday, April 20, 2012

April update

Phew, I nearly went a month without updating my lovely little blog, but I'm here now so all is well :)

I met up with Liz, from college for the first time in AGES and ages - she's still living in Cork so we met up 'half-way' in Killarney for the day last weekend.

Of course you can't have a trip to Killarney without going to the wool here's what I picked up!!

 I totally fell in love with this Noro - it's their 'Silk Garden Sock Yarn' - it's very fine but was lovely to work with - I made a scarf with it. The colours reminded me so much of one of Van Gogh's paintings (the starry night ones)
It's listed in my Etsy shop here and hopefully it will sell...

I really like making those frilly scarves so I made a green one from King Cole Mirage and will make some other ones in the future...hopefully there's a market for them (??)

I like them but Peter just doesn't ''get'' them at all...

So far this month I've sold four 'lots' of the beach pebbles :) I never really thought that they would take off so well but I think they are pretty unusual and I only select the prettiest ones I can find (or the most unusual ones) - I think I  have about 14-15 of them listed in my shop and have a few more 'in reserve' that I will list when some of the other ones sell --- I can't see the point in filling my whole shop with them. I'm really hoping that they will sell very well coming up to Christmas as they would be ideal ''stocking fillers'' (at least I think so anyway!)

I'm up to 104 listings in my Etsy shop now, which I'm really happy with as I've had a few sales - the other day someone in Ohio bought a pair of my shell-edged wrist warmers AND bought the pattern too!!

 I've been saving up my money in my pay pal account and bought some new business cards (above) - aren't they lovely??! It's my first time using some of those photos, but others are ones I've used for ages now - I think there's a nice selection there really, and they really reflect on my life I guess :)

Those three photos are my newest lot of postcards - I use one as a 'thank you' note with each purchase from my shop - it's just something small and personal that I like to do. They aren't cheap but I think it's nice and I've had a lot of really positive feedback and comments about them, which is great.

You really need to click on the photos to see them all properly - I'm so happy with how they turned out -- I love Moo so much!!! I really think they make the very best business cards etc, and I love how much you can personalise the cards.

Finally, it wouldn't be a proper blog update from me without a cat photo, so here's Oscar fast asleep and hinting for me to get off the computer!!! Click on the link to take you to where we got the cute spider web mouse mat from - it's brilliant! 
They have lots of different designs and they are really great - very good quality -- I wasn't sure about ordering one over the internet rather than just picking one up in a shop but we are totally satisfied :) It's nice to have something so quirky and of course Peter loves spiders!!