Thursday, April 28, 2011


ok so it's been ages and ages since I updated this blog again... I don't think I'm a 'natural blogger' but it's good to have this blog all the same so I can look back and see how things are progressing (or not!)

I just finished this bag yesterday so I must get it listed on Etsy, we took the photos earlier this afternoon - it's so hot here at the moment, like a proper summer's day, so it was just perfect for the beach.

I love the colour of the hearts on this bag. That's the last one made from that big batch of 'craft cotton' from Springwools, the bags seem popular so I'm thinking about ordering another pack of 10 balls, and I can get making more of them...

Things have been very quiet in my Etsy shop but I think that's partially due to the time of year (not everyone wants to buy woolly wristwarmers etc in the middle of a's also probably because now I'm working on the ferry I don't have time to sit down and post on the Etsy forums etc.

However, I did have my 73rd Etsy sale recently - this pair of wrist warmers in mohair and silk mix for the lovely Brittany in Utah! They turned out really well, I love the longer length and it works very well with that yarn - I will definitely be making more pairs at this length, though the wool just is heart breakingly slow to work with as it is so fine.

I'm making another one of those bags, but from multi-colour cotton this time - Peter took some photos of me working on it this afternoon - how lucky am I to be able to sit down on the beach and work in peace? - though I think you can hear my skin sizzling in the heat in the second photo! I forgot to put suncream on so we didn't stay there as long as I'd have liked to, just half an hour or so.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Something for Myself

Before I start please take a look here http:// if that works out ok it should take you to the wonderful CherryBlossonTattoo's blog where she was kind enough to publish an interview with me this week (and included loads of the photos - Peter will be pleased!)

and now on to something a bit more mundane..

This isn't really a great photo but you get the idea - I made myself one of those cotton bags to go with the lovely Boden dress I've bought for GrĂ¡inne's Communion at the end of May.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out - the colours seem to go quite well really. It isn't a perfect match but I wouldn't want it to be PERFECT..I like how the green is slightly different.

I must admit that I'd decided on those colours for a bag I'd sell, and thought that they would go well together and then all of a sudden I remembered the dress so I decided that I'd keep this one for myself for a change :)

I don't have much in the line of cotton left now - only enough for one more bag! and I'm running out of colours for the embellishments too. I'm in two minds about buying another 10 pack of the cotton yarn from Springwools - they do seem to be popular. I had originally thought that these would be something to sell in the village market in the summer but I only have one left in my etsy shop!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm so happy today - while I was sleeping I had three sales on Etsy, which brings my 'total sales' over there to seventy! Yippee! I would have never thought that would be possible when I set up my shop last year - I really am delighted and touched that it's been such a success.

I sold two of the balls of Rowan kidsilk yarn to someone in Queensland, Australia - so that's a total of three stickers in Australia on my map! and the other sale is the cotton beach bag with the blue hearts on it - going to a lady in America.

I'm just waiting to hear back from the lady about the bag - she's bought it but asked if I could put a zipper on it --- so I've replied to say I could put a wooden button and loop on and would she like me to do this (I sent a photo of Rosie's bag, with the same on it) - I need to hear back from her first before I can post it out.

I'm really happy with how Rosie's custom made bag turned out - it is basically one of the natural cotton beach bags, but it has hearts and flowers all over it in different colours of cotton. It looks really summery :)

I have enough of that cotton left for two more beach bags, I just started on one yesterday though now I'm back at work I don't have so much time for crocheting! - I think I might put the button fastener on the other ones as standard. I have so many nice buttons in my sewing box.

I've ordered a big cone of natural cotton from Springwools yesterday - it's 1kg in weight! I'm not sure if I'll make bags from it or if it's soft enough I thought I might make a couple of these shawls from it...I think it would look very nice in a natural colour!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bag Lady!

All I've been making just recently are bags! I'm in the middle of listing a couple of the cotton 'beach' bags on Etsy but we also took some new (better!) photos of my two woollen bags listed in my shop - I've edited the photos in and have relisted both of them. I would so love to sell one of those ruffled bags!

If I sell them then I would make more of them, but in the meantime I'm waiting for these two to sell...sigh!

I've just listed these two cotton bags in my shop...

As well as these bags I've nearly finished a bag for Rosie from the island - I must take a couple of photos of that when it's completed too.