Wednesday, March 28, 2012


As of yesterday I finally managed to reach the 'magic' 100 listings in my shop!

The 100th listing is this hat, which I made out in the garden yesterday - we've had the most glorious weather so I have just been sitting out in the garden in one of the deckchairs and making the most of it while it lasts :D

It's taken me so long to reach that landmark figure, because (luckily) things keep selling! So I'm not complaining or grumbling that it's taken me this long to reach this goal - it's been a good thing!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Oh gosh, it's the end of March and I haven't posted in here in AGES - and there's quite a bit of 'news'.

I'll start with the biggest news - we had to have our beloved Boris put to sleep on the 2nd March; he really went down hill overnight and we knew that his time had come and that it was the right thing to do so we brought him in to the vets in town. It was all really really lovely (as much as something like that can be) - very peaceful and slow and he was looking up in to my face and purring up until he started to fall asleep. Because of the damage to his organs he needed a double dose of the drugs but it was just the most peaceful thing. We've buried him in the back garden, near where we sit out in the summer :) It still kind of feels like he's with us - I still expect to hear him miaowing in the house, or to find him curled up fast asleep on the rocking chair.

this is how I will always remember him -- yawning in the sunshine on a summer's day after I'd brushed him -- what a life!

Ok so other news....we had a trip over to the UK for a few days -- fitting in a lot, it's always such a rush over there to get everything 'done' but it was all great. The real highlight was persuading Peter's 90 year old Mum to come out for lunch with us -- she has terrible eyesight and is worried about having a fall if she goes outside of the house, so it was a real achievement to get her to come out with us. She really enjoyed herself, which is even better!

I know I said I wouldn't be getting any more wool but I did treat myself to some bits and pieces from the wool shop in town again at the start of the month

...and then when we were in England there was some wool waiting for me, which I'd ''won'' on Ebay...but that's it for now, I promise!! I have four big boxes packed full of yarn so I am trying to keep reminding me of this whenever I find myself thinking ''oooooh I need wool''

Over on Etsy I'm up to 233 sales now!! At the moment I've got 90 items in my shop :) Trying hard to make it to the 'magic' 100 listings..I will get there eventually!!