Saturday, June 18, 2016

Friday, June 17, 2016

A couple more progress photos of our developing sunroom - it's really taken shape now and the builders have just about finished up this afternoon and won't be back now until the glass is all ready to put in.

The double glazing company were out yesterday to measure up again and now we have to wait 6-8 weeks (hopefully it won't be that long) for them to get it all constructed.

We want a patio area in front of the sunroom but the builders will do all that (and any finishing up) once the windows people have done their stuff.

So I think this is it pretty much until the windows people get back in touch with us! I've put out our deck chairs so that we can still sit out there in the mean time...

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sea Synergy Centre, Waterville, County Kerry

It's really the start of the summer season now that the Sea Synergy centre is open in the village again - this will be Lucy's third year running it. It's such a brilliant idea - I wish so much that something like this had been in operation in the village when I was a child; I would have spent all summer there, trying to id my beachcombing/rockpooling finds :)

Yet again Lucy has very kindly offered to sell my crochet hats, wrist warmers etc as well as my cards - for the last two years it's been really successful for me so I'm very grateful that she is stocking my bits and pieces there again this time.
Look - we have walls! Work is really coming along with our sunroom now - the builders need to finish off the wall (the right hand side is the finished height), fill in the rest of the 'trench', pour our new floor, put in a new drain where one was missing and then they will hopefully build us a new patio area.

We'll be at a bit of a stand-still for a few days though again as tomorrow's a bank holiday here and then on Tuesday we won't have any electricity all day as the ESB are doing some maintenance work on the power line in our area, so I'm guessing the builders will do another job that day instead.

We've had the most glorious spell of good weather lately - work has been super busy just recently as there was a large funeral over a couple of days and then it's been the bank holiday weekend. I am so grateful for my two days off work now though.  I didn't do very much today apart from some beach combing, crochet and going to see my parents - but sometimes that's what it's all about...

 This was the view from my first crochet spot this afternoon - I was down on the beach for about two and a half hours and it did me the power of good: I always find it so restful :)

There was a little yacht in the bay too - lovely!

I moved up around the beach a bit further to find my second crochet spot :)

I love this time of year and am always so appreciative of my days off work  --  they are so so precious...