Saturday, June 30, 2012


Excuse me while I do a happy dance but this month I finally reached my 'goal' of having 250 sales on Etsy :) I'd really wanted to achieve this goal before the second anniversary of my first ever sale (a pair of wrist warmers to the lovely Miss Gault on 11th July 2010) and it happened!!!

My 250th sale was just a ball of Rowan bamboo tape that I was de-stashing (to make room for even more yarn in my boxes) but I am delighted none the less!

When I started out with my crochet I would have never believed anyone if they ever said that I'd have sold so much within such a relatively short period of time. I really am delighted and very proud of myself.

Things have been very quiet on Etsy for me lately so I was half-worried that I wouldn't reach this target - but even if I hadn't achieved it, it wouldn't have been the end of the world... lovely friend Jana went over to Germany on holiday last month and came back with a whole load of different yarns for me! I never took a photo of them all together, I really should do - it was mostly cottons (which I had asked for) and a ball of lovely purple bamboo/cotton blend -- so I will be making lots and lots of scrubbies etc for my shop. These seem to sell very well coming up to Christmas last year so now I will have even more colours available :)

We were in Killarney last week so we did a very quick visit to the wool shop ....

I bought these ones for making hats - it's fab yarn, I've used it before in different colours.

and then I saw this .... it's ''Ondine'' by Louisa Harding -- I LOVE her yarns generally but the name and shades of this just spoke to me!! It's 100% cotton and I'm not sure what I will make with them but I fell in love with them and had to get them - they were reduced down to €3 a ball (nearly 1/2 the normal price)

I've been down on the beach whenever I can lately - the weather is a bit changeable but it's so lovely when the sun shines. I love this photo with the acorn barnacles so much - I'm using it as the 'cover' photo on my facebook page; I'm so happy with how it turned out!

 this is the view from where I was crochet-ing last week - aren't I just so lucky??! I was making this striped red and green beach bag while I was there (the colours are brighter in real life, it was so warm that I was sitting under the shade of a big boulder for a while so I could work in comfort!) -- and then when I'd finished with my crochet I packed up and started rockpooling for a while and found several of these red and green sea anemones!

At the moment I'm still in the middle of making bags - using King Cole's bamboo/cotton blend; the one I'm making just now is to use up all the odds and ends I had in various colours, so it's a bit on the colourful side, but hopefully someone will like it!