Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April part two

Woohoo, you get not one but two updates from me this month...how lucky! It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be the 1st May, when the weather has been so unseasonal and super-cold and wintery. Today was a really glorious day though, and I was lucky to have been off work so I'm just back from a couple of hours at the beach - yay!

As (nearly) always, I had my camera and crochet with me and rediscovered one of my favourite 'crochet rocks' from last summer -- it's great on a hot day as you can sit in the shade (which I did today as I hadn't put any suncream on and didn't want to burn myself) You really need to click on the photo to see it properly and get a better idea of how peaceful it is there.

Grrrr, Blogger is having problems loading photos now for some reason -- I can only upload this one (but WHAT a one, right??!) so I will try later on and will edit in everything then...watch this space....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I thought I'd start with some photos from my 'day job' - I think I really have the best job in the world :) I so love my job! How lucky am I??!! I try and always remember to have my camera in my work bag.

On my last two days off work I went to the beach with my crochet for a couple of hours -- no chance of that today, it's blowing a gale; but here are a couple of photos from my last two days off....it really was idyllic. One of my most favourite things is to go to the beach, find a comfy rock (I have been known to curl up and fall asleep on a rock there!) and just sit and watch the sea/birds etc for a few hours while I work away peacefully at my crochet.

As I mentioned last month, I've been thinking about making flower brooches to sell locally (and at craft markets) so here's what I've come up with ....
I made those ones at the beach last week and have done another few too; I really should take a photo of them all finished and ready for sale...I've sewn in a circle of felt on the back and securely sewn in a brooch back and then cut out squares of card to make them 'presentable' for the shop/markets etc. Peter'll be bringing these in to the shop on Saturday :)

I've also brought in some of my postcards, to see if they'll sell there through the summer months - really I got them originally to use as 'thank you' cards for sales from my Etsy shop but tried selling them last year at markets and they did really well for me, so I thought it's worth trying at the shop too :)

Things have been pretty quiet still in my Etsy shop but it's all good - this gives me a chance to build up on stock for the shop and my Etsy shop too :) I've just had a custom order for three items for a friend in Germany so that will keep me busy for a while - once the yarn arrives for it :)