Saturday, September 14, 2013

September Update..

Here we go again, another month almost gone and it's time for a quick update on life and crochet ;)

I went to the market in Portmagee a total of five weeks through the summer and over all I think I did pretty well there -- they're having a market in the hall for the Sea Shanty festival (5/6th October) but I will be still working on the ferry so I doubt I'll be able to attend that one - it's a shame because it sounds like fun and might be busy. They are also planning one in Portmagee before Christmas so I hope to make that one if I can at all.

I've been buying in some wools again -- I know I'm always saying that I won't be buying many/any more for a while but then I get a custom order and it's ALWAYS for something that I don't already have in stock, so off I go again -- and whenever I make my selections online, I always end up getting totally sidetracked and buying a tonne of other bits and pieces at the same time...

 the above photo is my first ever order from PurpleLinda - I'd definitely order from them again - the postage to Ireland was pricey but it all arrived quite promptly and safe and sound. I'd only really intended to order the top six balls of wool (for an order of three pairs of wrist warmers) but then fell for all the temptation/bargains etc..
This one from here was a total indulgence for myself - it's made in 'calico cat' (tortoiseshell) colours and is just so lovely and soft! Best of all is that some of the profits go to this cat rescue! I'm not sure what I'm going to use it on but it will be something nice for myself at some stage.

Things are kind of ticking away in my Etsy shop and I'm now up to 425 sales on there :) I doubt very much that I'll reach 500 sales by the end of the year but I guess you never know - I haven't really set myself a new goal now that I hit 400 sales on there.

I've been busy making lots more hats to get listed in my Etsy shop click here... to try and get a bit more variety in my shop.

I am now in the middle of making three pairs of wrist warmers in the same yarn (lovely merino from SMC); my order book is pretty full at the moment - a slouch hat for the lovely Siobhan (in Lang's Mille Colori - in the Autumnal shades), a pair of wrist warmers for Susan (in Rowan Kidsilk Haze, if I still have some of that left!) and in the last few days I've just finished a pair of these wrist warmers for Britta and just this morning I finished a narrow crocodile stitch hair band for her too :)
One of my big projects that I really want to do once I finish work on the ferry is to get ALL the yarn out of my storage boxes and have a proper sort through it all - I reckon it will take the best part of a day but it would be great to be organised...something to look forward to!!