Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Look at these lovely bits and pieces! A friend of a friend (in Germany) asked me to make a few items for her and she ''paid'' me in wool and chocolate, which arrived in a ginormous box yesterday! I was so happy to open up the parcel and discover all the exciting gifts inside - it's all just perfect! I can't wait to start using my new wools.

I'm delighted that I can now post photos again on here, the photos are quite a big part of my blog really, so it was quite weird to write a post and not be able to update via photograph at the same time. I've probably got a backlog of photos I meant to post on here, but will get around to that some other time I guess.

My Etsy sale has been going so well - I've now had a total of 18 sales since I put my shop on sale - which I'm more than happy with. I didn't really do any big song and dance about promoting it (apart from on my FB page), I quite like the idea of someone looking for something on Etsy and finding it in my shop and then being happy that it's on sale at the a nice surprise :)

I'm ALMOST caught up with my 'order book' - I just have to make the flowers and leaves for a bag and sew them in (oh how I hate the sewing in part!) and then I can concentrate on making items for my shop/craft fairs etc again.

 These are the wrist warmers for a woman in Denmark - made from the wonderful Manos del Uruguay silk blend yarn - it's 30% silk, 70% merino and is hand-dyed by artisans in local cooperatives in Uruguay. I've previously bought this yarn twice before and LOVED it so I bought three more colours (this is one of them, the other two are purples); if I could afford it I would happily work with this yarn all the time!

and wouldn't be a proper update from me if there weren't a couple of cat photos ;) I really love these two - Bertie in the buttercups, and Oscar getting comfy in a cardboard box.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Update

Well I'm still seeming to have problems with loading photos on here - sigh, but it isn't the end of the world (just very annoying!) but I thought I'd better write a bit of an update otherwise I end up forgetting and then getting cross with myself.

Things have really picked up for my Etsy shop in the last while - I decided to put everything on a 10% off sale (it runs til the end of the month) and it's given me some much needed €€€ :) -- I've had 10 sales, which is really good.

feel free to have a look here and grab a bargain!

Things have been pretty busy with commission orders too - I've just started on a pair of wrist warmers in the blue/black Tivoli aran yarn this afternoon, and then after that I've got wrist warmers to make for a little girl and then a pair in the lovely silk/merino blend from Uruguay for a lady in Denmark; it's nice to be kept busy :)

After that I want to make myself a hat with some gorgeous chocolate-y brown yarn that my lovely step daughter gave me for mother's day...I'll post photos once I've got this 'glitch' sorted...

right dinner is almost ready so I'll wrap up for now xxxx