Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pretty Flowers :)

I thought I'd try and write my blog a bit more often now that I'm not so busy with work and other bits and pieces in my life so here we are, only the 6th of November and this is my SECOND blog post of the month! What's coming over me??!

So anyway, these are some of my beloved orchids! I always thought that orchids were something that would be really hard to grow and take care of: that once they had flowered you may as well throw them away as they would never flower again (unless you did some super-dooper feeding regime) --- but I've had most of mine for nearly a year now and some of them are already flowering for a second time! All this without any special care or feeding or whatever. All I do is to water them with the water from the dehumidifier (whenever I remember!) - I think they are just happy on that windowsill so I haven't tried to move them or do anything with them to tempt fate.

The third photo is one that I just bought yesterday; I saw it in M&S and thought ''oooh that looks unusual'' and bought it as a treat to myself. Hopefully it will be as happy there as the other ones are - I've got two of the old ones flowering right now (and the flowers literally last for weeks!) and then yesterday I noticed that another of the old ones has a new shoot coming on an old flower stalk - so eventually that will flower again for me too. I can't remember what colour flowers that one has so that's kind of exciting - I'll just have to wait and see.

I've bought myself four new amarylises this year and of course now I can't remember which is which - but that's part of the fun. Three of them are 'double' versions and I think the fourth one is plain white but I'm probably wrong...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays...

sad song  (click on the link) - when I was down on the beach yesterday I had this song going round my head (thanks to the weather!) so I thought I'd share it in here too as this is kind of my own personal headspace too.

Anyway...I went down to the beach yesterday with Peter to take some photos of the bags I'd just finished making as I needed to get them listed  -- I finished the wool ruffled one a while ago but was slow to get it photographed and listed (how I HATE writing listings!) but the love heart ones were just finished yesterday as a custom order so I was keen to get them online. The pink one is just so cute - it's for a little seven year old girl!

luckily the weather wasn't looking TOO showery so after we'd taken the photos Peter headed home and I headed off for some beach combing.

For the first time ever I took an umbrella with me (I was SO grateful for that just minutes later) - you can always see the showers coming in from Ballinskelligs (the other side of the bay here) but yesterday they were coming just so fast and  there's nowhere to shelter on that beach -- the cliffs aren't safe nowadays, too many falls of rocks, so I was so happy that I'd brought my umbrella!

 Our weather has been pretty stormy lately (though nothing compared to 'superstorm' Sandy of course) but look at all the poor worms that lost their homes :( I'm not sure what the proper name for these are but they are little worms that live in the sand and made a little tube out of sand to live in  - the sea must have been so rough that it churned up all the sand and evicted the poor worms. You need to click on the photo really to see how many there were - and that's just one patch of them :(

I thought I'd add a couple of photos of the shower coming in from Ballinskelligs - the second photo was taken while I was sheltering under my big umbrella!)

I'd brought some crochet with me to work on (a pair of wrist cuffs - but it was too wet to sit down and really enjoy the beach!) - but there's always another day at least.