Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updated... :)

Wow those Autumnal wristers sold within a few hours of listing them on Etsy!!!

I've sent them off this morning so hopefully they will get to their new home really soon.

I've finished the blue wristers for Áine so will bring them in to work tomorrow and hopefully catch up with her some time over the next few days.

I'm working on another pair of blue ones now, for rush on these so I'm taking my time :)

I'd a message on facebook today to say that my wool order went off in today's post so just MAYBE it might come tomorrow? We'll see...

this is what I ordered

Tivoli Surf #924
King Cole Riot Double Knitting #406
Tivoli Tweed Aran #792
Tivoli Colour Blend Aran #622
Tivoli Colourblend Aran #620
Tivoli Ocean Aran #164
Tivoli Ocean Aran #162

so I can keep track of which ones I like the most

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wrist wamers and new wool

On the strength of my recent sales boom (yippee!) I have just ordered some new wools from the lovely Springwools shop up in Dublin (god bless the internet) - can't wait for it all to arrive, but I guess it won't be here now til Monday at the earliest.

More wool!! I know I don't really NEED it, but it talks to me from their lovely website and I can't resist...and of course it's always nice to get new things in the post...

I've been busy making more wrist warmers the last couple of days - I feel kind of 'lost' if I don't have something on the go...

These ones I just listed on Etsy today - made from more of the Tivoli 'Ocean' yarn (I should be sponsored by them!)-- very Autumnal so hopefully they will sell pretty quickly...we'll see...

Now that they are finished I am making the pair of 'Ocean' blue ones for Áine from the island :)I've them nearly finished - just the picot edging on the bottom of them and sewing up the loose ends.

Once I've those ones finished I'll be making another pair (I love making wrist warmers!) from the rest of the other 'ocean' yarn - it'll be bright turquoise and pinks so we'll see how they turn out...hard to match up the colours to get a 'pair' of mits...

MORE SALES! Oh my goodness!

Oh I'm a hopeless blogger I think - sigh!

Since I last blogged (!) I finished Helen's order and she has it now and said that it's all lovely and that the mits fit ok (phew, I thought they might be a bit on the small side)

Then the other day I had not one but two Etsy sales -- someone had bought two pairs of my wristwarmers!! Wow!!! I am just bowled over by that! I wish I could ask them about many questions...why did they choose those two did they find my page...who are they for?

These are the ones they've bought (and which are now somewhere between me and New York) -- I love these peacock coloured ones, they would look so stunning with a snuggly black coat in the winter...they're made from the Tivoli 'Ocean' yarn too so they look different in differnt lights...not always so bright!

Then just last night Shelle on growveg bought my Rose of Tralee scarf :) I made this months ago and I really hope she will like it -- it took ages to do, not so much the scarf itself (which was quite simple) but making all the leaves and flowers and then sewing them in - I have a 'thing' about sewing things in securely so everything is double or treble sewn in place!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sales and Orders :)

Things have been really picking up for me in the last few days - first selling the blue wristers on Etsy, then the lovely Helen from Growveg has placed an order for a fluffy blue cowl AND a pair of blue wristwarmers (I've finished the cowl and am about 1/4 way up the first wrister so far) and then today the wonderful Áine bought a bag and the pair of kingfisher wristers AND wants me to make her a pair of the blue ones too!!

Wow!! I've already spent some of the money on some of Carrie's fab greetings cards and I guess I'll try and save (ha ha!) the rest to use towards my next wool order :)

I'm wanting to buy some plain black yarn for wristers, and Helen said a friend of hers might take a pair in dark red

Monday, September 6, 2010

Peacock Wristers

I finished these yesterday and am in love with them!

Oh the colours! I love that Ocean yarn from Tivoli - I've enough of this type for another pair of wristers but the next ones will be turqoise and pinks I think (it's hard to tell as the yarn is so random, but that's part of the fun!)

I've listed these on Etsy but could really do with some better photos - though these will do for now I think - better to have it up there and listed and then I can always give it a facelift later if there isn't any interest.

I made these in double crochet stitch through out with is great, as there is no 'seam' at all, though it does make them a snugger fit than the others I've made...but they are so comfy when they are on!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's a new's a new day.....

Many thanks to the wonderful Carrie G for tidying up my blog and giving it a shiny new look. Oh I love it :)

A bit of an update on things crochet...I have had another sale!

The blue wristers sold really quickly (well, for me) and are all wrapped up in tissue paper ready for Peter to take them to the post office tomorrow and send them on their way to America. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The wristers in that colour yarn seem very popular - that's the second pair I've sold on Etsy and two people I know in person have bought them too. I really do love that yarn myself, I think it's my favourite's nice that other people like it too.

I bought some more of it from the Springwools shop recently - two balls of the blue, two balls of the same brand but in a kind of kingfisher/peacock tones, and two balls that remind me of jewel/gemstone colours.

I'm making a pair of wristers in the "kingfisher" yarn right now - nearly finished; all I need is to put the snazzy picot edging on the tops and bottoms and then take the photos.

I might take some photos of them half finished, it's nice (for me anyway) to have a record of what I've been working on rather than just have photos of the finished items.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I've spent most of today doing crochet/etsy things...bless Peter he's been very good, taking lots of photos (with direction from me)and has been so patient!

I'm tired now but very happy with what I've done so far. I still want to get some more photos taken of some of the items I've listed for sale on there but it's raining now so it will have to wait. I really like to take the photos outside if I can - the light's better, for one thing.

So I feel like my shop there is coming along now - I feel better for having had a tweak here and there and I really like the new photos (well done to Peter xxx)

He even took a photo of me which I actually like!!

As I have finished the ocean-y blue wristers I've now moved on to another pair - I could make these every day if only people would buy them! The new pair are sort of peacock or kingfisher colours and are so eyecatching. I love them already!

Blue Wristers

Oh I love this wool!!!

I've bought some yummy wool from Springwool in Dublin (my new favourite place!)

I've JUST listed these for sale on my etsy shop so fingers crossed for a sale so I can buy some more wool :) here's the actual listing...