Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Update

The time has come for me to make a bit of an update on the last month; first of all - and most importantly - it looks like my health problems are all in hand and hopefully everything will be alright from now on.

Since I last posted on here I had my first ever 'craft fair' - well, we had a table at the Valentia Island Scallop Festival, it wasn't specifically a craft fair but it was the closest I've been to one so far.

It was a GREAT experience and was quite successful too - I had twelves sales in total (though two of them were just pairs of my old knitting needles. It was tiring but well worth it, and I would like to do another fair at some stage - possibly coming up to Christmas.

We had a great location - the video (if it loads ok) is taken from our stall :) The sun shone and everyone was happy, it really was a great day.

Things are getting really busy now at work (it's that time of year now, things will be bonkers for another month yet!) so I haven't had much time for making items, or listing the ones that I had already made; which meant that things have been very slow in my Etsy shop -- not the end of the world but I am delighted to have reached my 97th sale!!

I'm offering 10% all listed prices til the end of July to try and bump up my sales a bit -- not that many people want to be thinking about cold weather and warm woolies when it's the middle of July...

Oh I almost forgot - I'm making a donation to the April's Army charity shop on Etsy again this month (my second time!) last month it was a pair of my black and white wrist warmers and this time it's three packs of my little cotton scrubbies. I so hope they sell! It's so cool to be able to donate something to someone who really needs a hand.