Friday, May 27, 2011

Wool, wool and yet more wool!!!

{I'm going to try and 'blog' just once a month as I think that might be somewhat achievable for me rather than try and do it more apologies for yet another rambling post...}

Having told myself very firmly that I would not be buying any more yarn I succumbed last month and ended going to Kerry Woolen Mills on the way back from Killarney! I bought three skeins each of lovely denim blue, raspberry, and the same bright red that I made my original ruffledy handbag from. So far I've just used the denim blue to make another of those bags and it's listed in my Etsy shop.

Having told myself that THAT was the last yarn I'd be buying, I then somehow decided to buy more of the natural cotton from Springwools (and while I was at it I thought I'd better buy some more of that lovely Tivoli black/white yarn I make wrist warmers from...)

I like to have these wrist warmers in my shop - they have always sold quite well (I think they are gorgeous, the kind of thing you would wear with pretty much anything)and I might have a local customer for a pair(fingers crossed).

This is the last item I've listed in my shop...I really like the colours on this - that mid-blue is gorgeous! The cotton bags seem to sell quite well - I really like them myself (well, I must confess, that I only make things that I like!) - the next one I'm making I think will just have plain 'natural' flowers on so it will be quite subtle!

My final influx of yarn came as a total surprise - a wonderful gift totally out of the blue! I'm still speechless over it; the kindness of someone is so touching. It was a present from the lovely Kathy, come over all the way from Colorado with a bag full of gorgeous yarn just for me! I am the luckiest person ever!! I absolutely ADORE the colours of both yarns - the blue/green is so much reminiscent of the sea and I love the funkiness of the pinks/purples in the other one -- I feel some very special projects coming on!!


  1. That wool looks gorgeous!! As do all your makes. Might have to treat myself sometime soon! ;)

  2. ;) thanks Claire - I can't wait to get started using it but I've got two bags on the go and a long list of things I want to try and make for my shop...I always end up coming last on the list, sigh!