Saturday, May 26, 2012

May Update

Oh gosh, I nearly missed this month - so sorry for only updating at the very tail end of the month again.

As you can see, Summer is here :D

 I was working on a pair of wrist warmers out in the garden today - with Oscar dozing in the shade next to me; what a wonderful life...

 Yesterday I took my 'work' down to the beach but it was nearly too hot there - I don't know what happened to the sea breeze - but I found some shade near a great big boulder and was able to work away quite happily there. Eventually I got sleepy so put my work bag under my head and stretched out on the rocks in the shade - it was really comfortable, and the rocks were so deliciously cool. It was a shame to come home really, I love it's so peaceful, and I'm always the only person on that beach.

I don't know how many photos I've taken of me crochet-ing on the beach but I always love it :D

I'm so lucky - a friend of mine is having an art show at her studio next weekend and she's very kindly offered to take some of my own crochet bits and pieces and will have them there too, on the off-chance that someone might want to treat themselves. I am so excited! Even if nothing sells it's still a really lovely thought and an opportunity, for which I'm very grateful. I need to have a look through my 'shop' and deactivate some of the listings so that they can go to Valentia next Saturday. Fingers crossed that it will be a big success. 

I was really really keen to treat myself to a proper place to store all my crochet hooks in a tidy, organised manner (up until very recently I had kept them all in a vintage beaded handbag, which was lovely but it meant taking them all out just to find the one I wanted to use).  

My lovely friend Carrie suggested this lovely shop MegandMillie

I had a really hard time choosing just one but in the end selected this lovely 'scottie dog' one (my parents have a real scottie!)  

It looked beautiful in the listing photos but is even more perfect in real life. I really, really love how Emma has so carefully constructed it so immaculately -- little small details that you don't notice immediately: how the pattern on the fabric is matched up PERFECTLY, how you don't actually see the stitching on all the little compartments for the hooks, how well thought out the design is (I love the little closeable pocket inside for my stitch holders etc)

I'd REALLY recommend this lovely Etsy shop to anyone - she had great communication with me (which is important, often you don't hear anything at all from some other shops, even when your item has been posted), even refunded a small excess in the postage cost (which I wasn't expecting but was very impressed by) -- it was just a lovely lovely transaction, and then such a wonderful item too. :D

I've been totally spoiled rotten lately - the other day I got a wonderful surprise in the post from my friend Jane in England! Two 100g balls of this really lovely pure wool yarn all for myself!!!

 I made myself a new pair of wrist warmers - the first pair I've made for myself in ages and ages - and used a new pattern, for a change. I really love how they turned out and they have been so lovely to wear at work etc (it has still been very cold before Summer finally appeared)

 You can buy the yarn from here

I really love how it is all natural pure wool, without any chemicals, dyes or whatever. The colours are great and it was fab to work with.

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