Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Sorry for not posting at all last month; I try to update this every month (I'm really writing this blog for myself, if anyone reads it then it's a bonus) but July is such a bonkers month at work -- August is even busier but I thought that if I don't sit down and write a quick update NOW then it will end up staying on the long finger and I won't get around to it until September or even later!

I really enjoy being able to look back at the old posts on here, it's a great way of seeing how far I've come :)

I'm now up to 262 sales in my Etsy shop; I'm really hoping that I will reach the milestone of 300 before Christmas (I can't imagine having that many sales  -  it constantly amazes me that this is really happening to little old me)

June was a pretty quiet month in my shop but July was better - I decided to take part in the 'Christmas in July' promotion on Etsy and it was a big success; definitely something that I would participate in next year. I used the 'Etsy on Sale' site to change all the titles - and was able to do that for free as part of an offer for being a new customer there; I think I would pay to use the service again though - you can even set it so that it edits the tags as well as the titles --- and then, best of all, when your sale/promotion is over it will set everything back to normal: like magic!

Peter and I took part in the Scallop Festival craft market in Valentia again this year - it was pretty successful too, we made slightly more money there this year compared to last year, which is great. This year it was all in little 'booths' under cover, which was great :)

 I've also been attending the indoor market in Portmagee the last three weeks -- the first week we just sold ONE PAIR OF WRISTWARMERS!!! What a fiasco! I was so disheartened, especially as it was just after the (successful) day at the Scallop Festival. The next week we sold way more - I forgot to write down just what had sold but financially it was great :) Then last week Peter went on his own as I was working and only sold two hats and a pair of wrist warmers! There doesn't really seem to be any rhyme or reason to how it all works, you just have some good days and some bad days, but any sales are a bonus really so I'm happy with how it's all gone.
In my spare time I've been trying to fit in as much beach-combing and rock pooling as I can -- I am utterly fascinated with sea anemones! Who knew that the red ones have a royal blue edging!?? You wouldn't think it was natural, would you? 

 ...and how about this pink rock pool?? I think the pink-ness is a type of encrusting seaweed rather than a coral; it looks so surreal though!

I've been busy, crocheting by the sea too -- it isn't all rockpooling :)


  1. Wow looks good, Keep going and enjoy your self

  2. Very nice post! I live by the beach in FL, but we don't get rock pools, unless there's a storm, then we get pools...lol. So many lovely sea creatures. Crocheting by the sea? Couldn't ask for better. :)

  3. thanks Maria, it really doesn't get better than that! Recently I was lucky enough to go and sit there for about 2 hours, and then went beach combing for 2 more hours! I was so tired but happy :D

  4. What a charming rock....a dream come true....for sure..