Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pretty Flowers :)

I thought I'd try and write my blog a bit more often now that I'm not so busy with work and other bits and pieces in my life so here we are, only the 6th of November and this is my SECOND blog post of the month! What's coming over me??!

So anyway, these are some of my beloved orchids! I always thought that orchids were something that would be really hard to grow and take care of: that once they had flowered you may as well throw them away as they would never flower again (unless you did some super-dooper feeding regime) --- but I've had most of mine for nearly a year now and some of them are already flowering for a second time! All this without any special care or feeding or whatever. All I do is to water them with the water from the dehumidifier (whenever I remember!) - I think they are just happy on that windowsill so I haven't tried to move them or do anything with them to tempt fate.

The third photo is one that I just bought yesterday; I saw it in M&S and thought ''oooh that looks unusual'' and bought it as a treat to myself. Hopefully it will be as happy there as the other ones are - I've got two of the old ones flowering right now (and the flowers literally last for weeks!) and then yesterday I noticed that another of the old ones has a new shoot coming on an old flower stalk - so eventually that will flower again for me too. I can't remember what colour flowers that one has so that's kind of exciting - I'll just have to wait and see.

I've bought myself four new amarylises this year and of course now I can't remember which is which - but that's part of the fun. Three of them are 'double' versions and I think the fourth one is plain white but I'm probably wrong...


  1. These are so pretty...I too, thought Orchids would be difficult. Do you keep them on your windowsill all year, or do they get outside time as well. What season are you in now in Ireland? In the US..I live in Ohio, and we are in the Autumn season, heading for winter. I enjoy your postings anytime, and a treat two in a month...:)

  2. thanks Faith - I always love your comments. I just keep them in the same place all year round - I'm really not sure what I'm doing 'right' with them but they must be happy as they are keeping alive and flowering!

    It's pretty much Autumn/Winter now here too - some days it feels like Autumn still and there are still a lot of leaves on the trees, but it's cold enough and sometimes stormy enough to be properly Winter.

    I'm going to try and remember my blog a bit more often if I can; I often regret not keeping track of things - but with my blog I can do that :)

  3. Here Here...love to hear more about what is going with you and your beautiful island...The other night my DH watched a movie from Hallmark, I cannot remember the name of it offhand, but what struck me, is that is was about Selkies & Ireland...I didn't watch it..Hallmark movies are wonderful...but are tearjerkers as was this one. But I thought of you...Selkie...is something which comes from the sea right?

  4. I dont use orchid fertiliser either and my orchids have flowers quite often. Now in spring they are all growing flowering stems. I spray them with water a few times a week, water generously once every month or so - I let them soak up old aquarium water - I think the snail and fish poo is enough nutrients for them to grow strong and big ;-)