Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter :D

Time for another update...

I'm back at work on the ferry again - this will be my 8th season there (where does the time go?!); I've only been back for a couple of days but we haven't had any rain yet, which is great. It's blimmin cold though, so I'm wearing lots and lots of my own crochet items (!) and layers upon layers just to keep the cold out. It is lovely to be back again :)

Being back at work though tends to mean that my crochet suffers a bit, as I don't have so much spare time - sigh! But all the time I can I'm keeping myself busy -- right now I've got two pairs of wrist warmers on the go and a flower head band too.

Talking about headbands - I'm really in a 'spell' of making these lately -- they are really practical items I guess (like most of the things I make) but pretty too ( most of the things I make!) I must have made nearly 10 of them just recently - in all different colours and yarns. They're quite quick to make but look nice too, I love making the flowers to go on them.

 I really need to make a couple of these for myself as they would be really handy for windy days on the ferry or for when I'm beach combing.
My biggest piece of news is that I've started selling my bits and pieces in a proper, real shop!! It's 'Chocolettes' in Cahirciveen - Colette makes these wonderful handmade chocolates, which she sells in local markets/craft fairs etc but they've decided to open up a proper shop in Cahirciveen and have very kindly offered to rent out space to local craft producers - including me! I am so thrilled that they even thought to ask me and utterly over the moon to be taking part. :) It's a really great opportunity and a bit of a leap of faith for me -- things have been going ok for me at craft fairs and on Etsy and if this takes off it would be another string to my crocheted bow.

A while ago I bought a bag of twenty brooch backs from a seller on Etsy - with the intention of making crochet flower brooches to sell -- now I'm thinking that these would be something good to include in the shop (and for craft fairs etc too) -- my lovely friend Carrie is buying some felt for me so that I can finish off the backs neatly and then I will get started making them to sell too!!

I did make it up to 105 listings in my Etsy shop - woo hoo! but then had to take down several of them so that I would have enough stock for my space in the shop, so I'm back down to 91 again! I've put my display head in the shop so I guess once a month or so I'll have to bring her home so that I can take photos of any hats/headbands that are to go over on Etsy as I don't want to be modelling them myself!!

I really love my crochet so much - I guess anyone reading this or anyone who knows me can tell this already, it is something that is just 'right' for me; I can't really explain it properly but it just fits me perfectly - back when I used to knit, I was never this passionate or kind of creative with that, crochet feels so different and I love that it's a hobby that I can make pay for itself and still leave me with a little cash for treats. Isn't that just perfect!???

In other news ---- Peter's Mum is tonnes better again, thank goodness; she's on heart tablets every day but they seem to be doing the trick and she is able to breathe a lot better.

The cats are all hale and hearty too - three of the four of them succumbed to the nasty upper respiratory infection and had to be dosed with liquid antibiotics (which was not fun for any of us!) but they all made a great recovery.

I think that's all for now folks :)

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  1. Loving the headbands the first one is so happy :) I think these and your brooches are going to be huge hits!! HUGE!