Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Look at these lovely bits and pieces! A friend of a friend (in Germany) asked me to make a few items for her and she ''paid'' me in wool and chocolate, which arrived in a ginormous box yesterday! I was so happy to open up the parcel and discover all the exciting gifts inside - it's all just perfect! I can't wait to start using my new wools.

I'm delighted that I can now post photos again on here, the photos are quite a big part of my blog really, so it was quite weird to write a post and not be able to update via photograph at the same time. I've probably got a backlog of photos I meant to post on here, but will get around to that some other time I guess.

My Etsy sale has been going so well - I've now had a total of 18 sales since I put my shop on sale - which I'm more than happy with. I didn't really do any big song and dance about promoting it (apart from on my FB page), I quite like the idea of someone looking for something on Etsy and finding it in my shop and then being happy that it's on sale at the a nice surprise :)

I'm ALMOST caught up with my 'order book' - I just have to make the flowers and leaves for a bag and sew them in (oh how I hate the sewing in part!) and then I can concentrate on making items for my shop/craft fairs etc again.

 These are the wrist warmers for a woman in Denmark - made from the wonderful Manos del Uruguay silk blend yarn - it's 30% silk, 70% merino and is hand-dyed by artisans in local cooperatives in Uruguay. I've previously bought this yarn twice before and LOVED it so I bought three more colours (this is one of them, the other two are purples); if I could afford it I would happily work with this yarn all the time!

and wouldn't be a proper update from me if there weren't a couple of cat photos ;) I really love these two - Bertie in the buttercups, and Oscar getting comfy in a cardboard box.


  1. I just love getting post too. We always seem to be sending stuff out it's nice to receive instead!!

  2. oh thanks so much for the comment - yes, isn't it just wonderful to get some nice post?!