Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October - part two!

I've been lucky enough to have some spare cash in my paypal account at the moment so I've treated myself to some lovely handmade goodies and I thought it might be a nice blog-post :)

Aren't these wee robins just the cutest!? My lovely friend Carrie makes them and is selling them on her lovely etsy page  here -- they tend to sell out very quickly so grab one while you can...click here

I ordered three of them, and I am soo excited about putting them on our Christmas tree this year - I love decorations that remind me of friends/family/happy memories so these are super-special as Carrie has made them herself from scratch. The detail in them is amazing; tiny even stitches, the little gold feet and the red sequins sewn into the redbreast...they're just adorable! She even sent a free gift - a small but perfectly formed red love heart tree decoration with miniscule cross-stitch detail and it's scented with real cloves and cinnamon - our house smells of Christmas already!!

In my previous post I mentioned how I had been acting as a 'mentor' on two lovely EtsyIreland shops - one of which is ClaycatBijou - one of the first things I noticed in her shop was this little fridge magnet, so I just had to treat myself to that!

it's so cute and will have pride of place on our fridge door! She sent me a bookmark as a thank you pressie - it's just beautiful, with red and black swirled beads which she made herself from Fimo clay. click here that's a link to her Etsy shop if you'd like to take a peek!

...and last but by no means least I bought these GORGEOUS earrings from the wonderful Alia at Terramor click here  -  check out her Etsy shop, though she has a lot on her facebook page too! I'd seen her post these earrings on her facebook page and fell in love with them but as I can only wear sterling silver earrings she very kindly made me some silver ear hooks for them :)

They are just perfect - and the spotty bead kind of swivels around, which I hadn't noticed in the facebook photos but which I just love - it makes them so quirky and different!

And I must have been a very very good person indeed because Alia sent me a free gift too! A stunning cord bracelet in turquoise -- don't ask me how she made it but it's very intricate and I love the colour!!!

I feel really lucky!

Finally I thought I'd share a photo from yesterday- you need to click on it to see it properly - it was just the most wonderful day :) I'd driven over to the far side of our bay to Ballinskelligs to meet up with a friend and give her some wools for making hats for charity (I was going to take it to the charity shop but then thought that her and her Mum might use some of it) and then fitted in a little beach combing on the way home.
I really do have a good life :)


  1. Great post :-) on my way to check out the other two etsy shops. I've ad Clay cat on my Facebook page for ages now...big fan of her work. Delighted she's on etsy too.

    So happy you like your earrings XXX thank you for your kind words. You are wonderful!

  2. Thank you angel - oh how I do love thee x

    1. Thank you , great shot wish to be there.

  3. all lovely items too, lucky girl. I love the robin so much!

  4. The robins are gorgeous. Can't wait for christmas now :)

  5. I love the robin, and the idea of making scented ornaments is great, I love the cinnamon smell any time of year.