Saturday, November 15, 2014

November update...again

Wow, I'm now up to 654 Etsy sales so the big '700' is creeping closer and closer! I doubt very much that I will reach that milestone by Christmas - really it'll be nice whenever it happens :)

I've got three craft fairs this month: the first one is next Sunday (23rd) in Portmagee, then I've got the one in the Tech in the village here the following Saturday and then the third is in Foilmore the next day. I need to start to get myself organised for them soon - I don't want to leave it all til the last minute like I usually do.

To date I've been REALLY good and haven't bought any more wool (since my mammoth shopping sprees in England a month ago) - I've got six big lidded plastic boxes of yarns so realistically I don't need to buy any more, I've got plenty to keep me going for months, it's just that when I get an email from BlackSheepWools or whoever to say that they are offering free postage/15% off etc etc I get so tempted...

I know I will be buying wool when we're in Germany next month so in the meantime I'm trying hard to be good :)

this is what I've been working on in the last month - some of these have sold already (yay!) -- I've been trying to work on some 'stock' so that I have plenty for people to choose from at craft fairs and in my Etsy shop.

I've also been making lots and lots of cotton scrubbies -- if I have the space I'm going to try selling them at the craft fairs -- they might make nice 'stocking filler' gifts??

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