Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It really feels like the end of the summer/start of autumn now - which is quite strange as in some ways it feels like we never had a 'proper summer' this year -- looking back, I remember more days at work where I was kitted out in my wellies and waterproofs and there were only a couple of days where it was warm enough to wear a t-shirt there.

Things are starting to get quieter at work now and I don't know how many people have said a tearful ''see you next year'' as they return to their normal lives.

At the moment I'm still working away at trying to rebuild my 'stock' of wrist warmers - but then I got a surprise order for eight hats! My friend Rosie has been thinking ahead and asked me if I would make them for her - she already has one herself, and then bought five more (for her family) and now is thinking about Christmas presents! I love custom orders like this :)

When I went to order the wool online though I discovered that it has been discontinued! Why oh why do wool companies do this??!!! After a bit of frantic searching I was able to find someone on Ebay who still has quite a few of the different shades in stock - phew! I ordered it from her straight away and got an email this morning to say that it has been posted yesterday. I can't wait for it to arrive so that I can get started - one of the hats is for a friend of Rosie's who is leaving the island soon so I shall do that one first and then crack on with the others in due course -- from 1st Sept the ferry finishes at 8.30 in the evening (instead of 10 during July & August!) so that will help my energy levels and crochet time :)

I'm in two minds about going to the market in Portmagee tomorrow - Peter is working all this week and I'm working 3-10 on the ferry myself, so it's kind of a squeeze to get everything done and have lunch and then go to work -- I think I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Last week at the market was a first for me - someone asked to buy the pair of wrist warmers that I was still making! I had just finished the first one and started on the second one but I got them finished before they left Valentia (on their holidays) to go back home. :)

 I've had a few custom orders lately - a man in Scotland asked me to make two shower-puffs - one in silver grey and the other in black. I love how they turned out (especially the grey one) - I hope he will like them too.

And then I had a message in my Etsy shop from a lady in Cyprus about my sea shells- she wanted to order 1kg of the little orange/yellow flat periwinkles and another kilo of the lighter white/yellow version that I sometimes find!
I scoured our local beaches and was only able to find approx 275g of them! - but she was happy with that amount too and purchased them.

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