Sunday, December 6, 2015

End of the Year

It really feels like the run up to Christmas now and the end of the year - I've done all my local Christmas markets and can go back to trying to restock my Etsy shop on the off-chance that I still get some more customers there.

As always, the market in the Tech in Waterville was my best one of the whole year :) I so love the atmosphere there and that it is all hand-made rather than mass-produced stuff too. I did three markets this year - the one in Portmagee, the one in the Tech and then yesterday I attended the one at the Old Oratory in Cahirciveen.

Just like the one in the Tech, the one at the old Oratory was all hand-made/unique items and there was a great atmosphere, with pretty lights and live music. We were in the middle of an awful storm so I was in two minds about going (added to the fact that it was my birthday!) but I was so glad that I went - it was just wonderful and I'm happy to say that my takings for the day were very good.

My Etsy shop is now very depleted - I only have 8 pairs of wrist warmers listed! - though I have four pairs that are ready to be photographed and listed: hopefully I'll get round to that today or tomorrow.

I definitely want to go to the market in the Old Oratory next Christmas - I've already put my name down for it! I was lucky to get a table there this time round as I'd left it late (I'm awful at dithering about that kind of thing...) but Anshi (who was running it all) put me down for a cancellation and then rang in the week to let me know that there was a table with my name on it if I wanted it :)

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  1. I love Christmas markets! There are a lot of lovely things for decoration of the house and lots of tasty stuff:) Most of all I adore that Christmas spirit that lives at such markets.