Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bag Lady!

All I've been making just recently are bags! I'm in the middle of listing a couple of the cotton 'beach' bags on Etsy but we also took some new (better!) photos of my two woollen bags listed in my shop - I've edited the photos in and have relisted both of them. I would so love to sell one of those ruffled bags!

If I sell them then I would make more of them, but in the meantime I'm waiting for these two to sell...sigh!

I've just listed these two cotton bags in my shop...

As well as these bags I've nearly finished a bag for Rosie from the island - I must take a couple of photos of that when it's completed too.


  1. Wow, those ruffled bags are so cool, I've never seen anything like them! I hope they sell, I would love to see you make more :)

  2. That's alot of crocheting going on! they look lovely!

  3. Oh thank you!! the ruffledy bags were one of the first things I made for my Etsy shop - I made myself one first and fell in love with it (it's a lion brand pattern) and I've sold two of them (not on Etsy) so far.

    I've sort of told myself that I won't make more of them until those two sell - so I do keep looking at them and saying 'hurry up and sell!'

  4. I want one of your ruffle bags, are you putting them up for sale?

    1. oh my gosh I just saw your comment now! yes I have one for sale at the moment