Saturday, October 29, 2011

October - part two

Yippee - two blog posts in a month, I must be really getting the hang of this!

Things seem to have really taken off in my Etsy shop - I sold six pairs of wrist warmers in 24 hours :)

I had thought I had an awful lot of stock in my shop - and possibly too many pairs of wrist warmers but now I'm not so sure. All the time I'm working to build up my stock in my shop - I got up to 65 items but am down to 57 items at the moment: which is less than I'd really like...but over all, this is just a hobby so it isn't worth stressing myself out over numbers and figures.

Having said that though, I've now had a total of 138 sales - I'm hoping to reach 150 by Christmas, which is looking like it might happen (though anything could happen really - I try not to take anything for granted)

I was really thrilled to have a photo and a mention in the latest Springwools' catalogue - that's the second time it's happened and it's always a really lovely suprise!

I've been in a bit of a quandary about whether to do any Christmas markets/fairs or not - I really like the idea of it but don't think I have enough 'stock' as things have been selling so well from Etsy... There's a fair at the Old Oratory in town every other weekend between now and Christmas and we went along yesterday to suss it out but I think I'm going to give it a miss -- there's a 'Christmas Comes to Valentia' thing on the 4th December and a Christmas market in the tech down the road at the end of November so I think I'll give them both a go (we've got to find out how much the one in the tech will cost, the one in Valentia is only €10 and surely I'll make that back)

It looks like I'm heading towards another Springwools order...(I know, I know) - I ordered twice from them so far this month but these will be for some 'custom' orders - some more of the bamboo/cotton yarn for a baby cardi for someone from Valentia, some more of the craft cotton, and a bit of a restock on other yarns that I NEED (ok, I don't 'need' them but it would be good to have them in stock)

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