Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Update

Heh, I'm really in the swing of this blogging thing now - two posts this month and we aren't even half way through the month!

Things are going brilliantly - both on Etsy and in real life too. Peter and I have known each other for 21 years now (imagine that!) and things are still wonderful :)

In crochet related news, I've got some lovely new yarns

The lovely Jana brought me all of these back from Germany this month - wool is so much cheaper over there compared to here (or the UK) so it was great to have a big stash like this arrive :) I love it all and have already made four pairs of wrist warmers from it, with another pair on the go. It's a range of different fibres and thicknesses, which is great - I like a bit of variety and change!

I really LOVE this one - it's acrylic but looks and feels like a cotton rather than acrylic. She brought me back this yarn in several different colour-ways but this is my favourite (of course because of the turquoise and purple!)

And then she brought me three different colours of cotton for scrubbies! This one's my favourite but there's a gorgeous purple and a teal as well.

I forgot to say in my last post that I'd been to the wool shop in town and she was open! YAY!! Usually when I'm in town she's on her lunch break or is closed so I was really delighted that she was open. I'd only gone in there on the off chance that she would have some cotton (for scrubbies) but of course came out with a load of yarns that I hadn't intended to buy...

I think this is my favourite - it's a Dutch yarn and is aran weight and a bit thick and thin...I absolutely ADORE the colours in this blue. The colours remind me quite a bit of Tivoli Ocean (which is now discontinued) and it's something I would buy again.

Since my last post here I've actually listed my first ever crochet pattern!! Yes, dear reader, you too can now make your very own pair of shell edged wrist warmers!!! I can't believe it but I've sold the pattern seven times already!!!

Oh I don't think I've mentioned this before but this is my winter project while I'm not working in my day-job (my job on the ferry runs from March/April to October) - it was a bit of an ambitious undertaking but I've started to clear some of the graves in the local Church of Ireland graveyard. So many of the graves are very neglected and uncared for so I got permission from the church to go in and make a start on tidying it up. It's very hard work but I love it. It will take YEARS to work my way around the whole graveyard but never mind.


  1. Sleepy kitty! Lots of yarn! Old graveyard! You and I may be destined to be friends ;-) Please post more progress pics of your work in the graveyard! I love the history you can find in such places, and have helped clean a few graves myself. So sad when they're neglected.

    (Hi from a new teammate at Crochet Originals.)