Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A very important guest

Simon the traveling gecko's visit to us was a bit fraught at times I'm afraid...it all got off to a bad start when, quite soon after his visit, he offered to help with the vacuuming (having previously been helping at Purls of Colours house, he thought he was an expert)

Sadly this is what happens when a teeny tiny gecko 'helps' -- yes, dear readers, he was no match for the suction of the mighty DYSON 'ANIMAL': we had to dismantle the machine to rescue him!

Luckily he survived the experience and was just a bit battered and bruised and had a bad case of dented pride!

Just as he was recovering from the trauma of this with a nice cup of tea, he had an encounter with a native of Waterville -- as you can see the natives are EXTREMELY friendly and welcoming. Sometimes a bit too much, but Simon didn't like to complain.

After all this, we thought Simon deserved a day out and we thought he might like to trace his ancestors with a trip to the tetrapod track in Valentia Island.

Oh how excited Simon was at the thought of this! There were so many photo opportunities along the way -- there's quite a family resemblance, don't you think?!

Simon's little heart was beating very fast as he was lucky enough to literally walk in his ancestor's footprints! How many geckos are lucky enough to do that?!!

Of course, while we were there, Simon just had to do a bit of posing for the camera - he isn't camera-shy in the slightest and loves the lime-light!

Finally, to keep Simon entertained on a rainy day (it is SUCH hard work to entertain a bored gecko!) I showed him some of my holiday photos from Barcelona - oh how Simon enjoyed this; seems like there are geckos and their relatives all over the place!

Simon is desperately hoping to go there one day himself :)


  1. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Simon-the-Gecko/291051064289229 -- this is Simon's very own facebook page - please 'like' him, he's very insecure and needs all the love he can get!
    and this is his own home page and travelogue

  2. Wow, the little chap looks like he had a great time. I cant believe he is still on the road after all these months. I wonder is he going to write a book on his travels?????

  3. he should totally write a book!! as far as I know he is now in America!