Thursday, October 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Peter and I are just back home recently from a trip over to England - it was all a bit of a rush really as we were going over to help look after P's Mum after she had an operation to remove a cataract. I'm happy to say that it all has gone well and her eye-sight is lots better - she can finally see things out in the garden/on the TV etc and has been able to have a look at the crossword in the newspaper again (using a magnifying glass while they are waiting a few weeks for her to have a proper eye test). She's had a few bad days after the operation and we were all a bit apprehensive that it wouldn't 'work' (and she's totally blind in her other eye so it really needed to be a success)

While we were over we fitted in just SO much in to our time there; trips to the cinema, visiting Peter's lovely daughter and her boyfriend in their new house -- they'd moved in six months ago but this was the first time I'd been over to England since the Springtime so it was fab to see their new home together...we also had a day out in Birmingham (which was so over-whelming, I'm not used to crowds and so much noise now!), and finished off our time over there by going down to Portsmouth to visit my sister and her family for a flying visit too.

I also was able to finally get the wools I'd ordered a while ago - the postage was too much to Ireland so I had it sent to my mother in law's house & had to wait (impatiently!!) -- we also went to the wool shop in Kidderminster and then there's one down the road from my sister's house...

It was fab to see everyone and great to catch up but I'm just SO glad to be back home - you really can't beat sleeping in your own bed (with Oscar curled up on the pillow next to my head!)

Today was my first proper day back on the beach since we got home -- yay!! I took my crochet with me -- I'm working on a pair of wrist warmers in Tivoli Celtic Aran (which has been discontinued - nooooo!) The scarf is one I've made for myself with some yarn a friend brought me from America! I utterly adore the colours in's just perfect. There was enough for me to make myself a hat too!!!

This is where I was 'working' this afternoon - the sun even came out! You really can't beat 'home' :)


  1. Awesome! you can't beat a home like this one...beautiful.I am totally jealous...but it's share pictures, I can pretend....
    I like the colors of your latest creation. Hoping to hear good news of Peter's mum..

  2. Thanks so much Faith - I so wish I could just close my eyes and wake up already in England instead of having to do all the traveling (we went over on the car ferry, so it was hours & hours & hours of driving etc)

  3. of course you can't beat home, not when it's so utterly gorgeous down there!
    So glad you got to the beach where your soul finds peace x