Wednesday, October 10, 2012


...and now I'm unemployed! My job on the ferry has finished for yet another year - I can't believe that I've completed my 7th season there; where does the time go? I thought I'd add some photos from the last couple of days at work; they pretty much sum it up really :) I know I'm so lucky to still love my job after so long but oh! I am so grateful for my winter break from it all. I don't really have anything life-changing planned for the winter, but I will keep myself busy with my crochet, beach combing, and tackling clearing one of the local grave yards (a 'job' I started on last winter and which will take years and years to complete)

On Etsy I've just listed my 101st item in my shop -- I had made it to 100 listings earlier this year but since then hadn't been able to make it back up there again -- because of this just being a hobby really, and real-life and work taking over in importance through the summer months. Hopefully things will pick up a bit for the winter over there...but I am intending to take part in more craft fairs to try and get some extra sales - the next one is 24/25th November on Valentia.

I've sold a couple of the wrist cuffs that I'd made for my shop - they really were a bit of an experiment so I'm really pleased that someone bought two pairs! This is a pair I just listed yesterday - the photo doesn't do them justice...they are the deepest most gorgeous shade of purple and are a blend of baby alpaca and mulberry silk - just pure heaven... If these ones don't sell I'll definitely keep them for myself as purple is my all-time favourite colour...

This is something that I'm making for myself - yay!! A lovely friend brought the wool over from America when she was on holiday over here and I'm making the most wonderful scarf with it -- isn't it lovely? I really adore how the stripes are working out properly so that the colour change isn't in the middle of a row - a happy accident! I can't wait til it's finished and I can wear it -- I'm hoping that there will be enough of the wool left over so that I can make a matching hat...I need a new hat.

I'm not really a 'hat' person but I'm recovering from the nastiest flu-y cold and found that wearing a hat outside at work really did help; so it would be good to have a couple to choose from.

 And wouldn't really be a proper blog update if I didn't post a photo of my 'darling one' -- I'm sure Oscar thinks that's his name really :) He's been so up and down lately; I don't think I've written about it on here but he has colitis which is a long term inflammation of his guts and means that he has good and bad days. On bad days he'll just want to curl up and sleep and won't eat much at all; but on the good days he's just like any other normal cat.
  I took this photo of him on a bad day and it pretty sums it up; he just wants to curl up and sleep til he starts to feel better. I know how he feels really...

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