Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crazy Crazy Crazy...

Drat it, I had meant to write a third update on my blog in November, but now it's the 2nd December already...time really flies!

I had been a bit apprehensive about my shop on Etsy, and was worrying that sales would be seriously down this year; but of course I was worrying about nothing (as is often the case) -- the month of November was great in my shop! I even took $150 more in sales this year compared to last November (and I was really happy with how things went last November)

It's great - I'm really thrilled, I never thought I would ever be this much of a success with my crochet, and in such a relatively short period of time.

 I did a craft fair in the Tech down the road yesterday and it was SO successful -- best of all was seeing lots of people walking around wearing my wrist warmers and cuffs :o) I decided to keep a pair of the wrist cuffs for myself and was wearing them at the fair, and I think that really helped me get some sales. The ones I kept are these

 -- the deepest richest purple, with a blend of baby alpaca and mulberry silk -- heaven! I even had a woman offer to buy them but they are MINE now!

I also had a craft fair over the previous weekend - the Holistic and Wellness Fair in the Royal on Valentia. It was pretty quiet but I didn't do too badly and would be interested in taking part when they hold another one next year (in February, in Tralee)

I've been really good and kept a list that weekend and yesterday of everything that sold at the fairs -- it isn't like me to be so organised, but it really helps to keep track of how much €€€ I've made and makes it easier when I'm re-activating my listings to put them back up on my Etsy shop.

At the Holistic & Wellness Fair I sold

  • black/white wristwarmers (Tivoli aran)
  • pinky/purple wristwarmers (Freedom Spirit)
  • black/white wristwarmers (Freedom Spirit)
  • pink/gold wristwarmers
  • orange wristwarmers (Mirage)
  • blue wristwarmers (Peter Pan)
  • blue wristwarmers (German acrylic)
  • 10 cotton face scrubbies (I sold them individually for €1 each)
  • green curly scarf (Mirage)
  • blue curly scarf (glittery German yarn)
  • cotton bath mitt (natural cotton)
  • curly blue/black scarf (Noro yarn)
  • red wool hat (Killarney Woolen Mills)
  • red/black beanie
  • striped hat (Tivoli Ocean)
Not too bad really.

Then yesterday I sold....

  •  wrist cuffs (Noro wool)
  • brick red cuffs (angora/wool)
  • grey cuffs (baby cashmerino)
  • duck egg blue cuffs (merino wool, I think it was Debbie Bliss, not sure!)
  • bright striped cuffs (Knitcol yarn)
  • purple hat (angora/wool)
  • rainbow hat (wool was bought in town, can't remember what it's called)
  • blue bow hat (blue yarn with glitter, bought in Kidderminster)
  • blue wristwarmers (German acrylic)
  • green/red wristwarmers (Sirdar Crofter)
  • green wristwarmers (Mirage)
  • blue multi wristwarmers (posh Fair Trade yarn from Uruguay) 
  • brown wristwarmers (Mille Colori)
  •  brown cowl (Mille Colori)
 Phew! It's been wonderful -- and next Sunday I'm off to Valentia again for another craft fair! Then the following week there's one in Dromid, which would be nice to go to too...that's if I have any stock left - ha ha!

I'm working hard to get some more wrist warmers made for these craft fairs (and for my Etsy shop too) -- I thought I nearly had too much stock; but it doesn't look like it right now (this is a wonderful complaint though!)

As well as trying to build up some stock I've got a list of 'commissions' for people, and also I'm making cotton/bamboo bags for two of my nieces for Christmas, which I need to get on with!


  1. Busy hands are happy hands...keep moving that hook...:) You've sold alot, more than I have in my little bleak inventory of items..I need to get back on the ball and make some things..and open ETSY...maybe a good goal for the new year...

  2. thanks so much Faith; I'm kind of over-whelmed with it all-- that's a great goal to have; I always say that if I can do this then anyone has... I only learnt to crochet three years ago (just under 3 years ago now)

    it's my real love, it feels like something I'm meant to do :) and it's just the best feeling when someone buys something that I've made, it really feels like a validation of myself each and every time.