Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's already half way through the month but this is my first post of the new year so ''HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!'' - hope it'll be a good one for all of us.

 I meant to write a post on here earlier this month but I had to make a trip over to England recently to look after my mother-in-law - she was laid low with a bad chest infection. She's tonnes better again now, thank goodness and we had a really nice week together with lots of chatting and crosswords while I worked on my crochet :)

While I was over there I finally mastered 'crocodile' stitch! I thought it would be impossible but after a few goes I got it! It's my new favourite thing now! I could make these wrist warmers all day long! I've got two pairs for myself, one pair to list on Etsy and I've sold a pair locally!

The second photo are the ones for myself - made with hand-dyed yarn from the lovely SpindleCatStudio on Etsy spindlecat! I bought the yarn AGES ago and knew I wanted to save it for something special -- I'm so glad that I waited.

Yesterday was my first trip to the beach since I got back home from England - you can see from the photo that the weather wasn't really ideal for sitting with my crochet so I just went for a walk instead before the rain started coming in.

Then when I got back home I saw this...the first sign of Spring!

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