Friday, January 18, 2013

If You Go Down To The Woods Today....

 I could have sworn I'd posted photos from the woods on here earlier but I was just looking for them and couldn't find them, so apologies if I've made a mess-up!
it's starting to feel really springy - it was a gorgeously sunny and mild day when I visited today :)

I was back here today ('here' being the parkland at Derrynane House - it's wonderful natural woodland) and as you can see it's truly a magical place! You never know what's around the corner...

I love how children (and grown ups!) leave coins and treasures for the fairies -- we even found chocolate money left for them!

Isn't it just amazing??! I love going there, you always end up seeing one that you haven't seen before :)

.............more photos to come!


  1. very cool place...I have a few favorites..

  2. thanks so much Faith - I went back yesterday with a lovely friend of mine and we found even more of them!! It's amazing how you can walk right past them and not notice, and then go past another time and see them straight away!

    I've got more photos to come so watch this space!

    my friend and I want to make a couple of new houses and put them in-situ