Saturday, June 22, 2013

soooo close...

A bit on the late side but here's my update for the month of June - it's nearly the end of the month and I've just got the stove blazing away and a load of washing being tumbled dried: you have to love an Irish summer!

Anyway, first of all, the big news -- I'm up to 398 sales now on Etsy and am sooo close to my 'target' of 400! Hopefully this will happen before the 11th July (the anniversary of my first sale, almost three years ago now) but if it doesn't happen then I'm not going to be upset, it's just a number.

Work on the ferry is starting to get busier but I'm still trying to find time to go to the beach on my days off (if the weather is suitable) or sometimes in the afternoon for an hour or so after I've done my day's work. I really feel it helps keep me sane :)

 I always bring my camera with me :)

At the moment I'm busy making more crocodile stitch wrist cuffs -- I just LOVE using self-striping yarn for these, they look really amazing.
I've just finished making a pair in shades of grey with purple too - must try and get some photos taken of them too and get them listed on my Etsy shop.

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