Monday, July 15, 2013

five little pleasures :)

thanks so much to my bestest friend Carrie for this idea click here! - finally here's my own version.

 ..... the first coffee when I get home from a crazy day at work - sadly there's no photograph as I drank it hours ago! but it's the best coffee of the whole day :)

..... knowing that I have two whole days off work - yay! this weekend was pretty crazy busy because of the Scallop Festival on Valentia; Saturday was especially busy; but now I have two full days to relax and unwind before throwing myself back into the craziness again. This time of year is our peak season (well for the next 3-4 weeks) and I find it so tiring; having these five little pleasures will help me to stop and breathe and appreciate the good things :)

 ..... finding my 4th ever coconut on the beach -- this would have come all the way from South America, most likely! It's so special to find one - unfortunately this one is cracked right through the shell of the 'nut' inside so I'm going to try to dry it out so that I can still keep it. It's too special to have left there!

.....  freshly picked selection of fruits from the garden - there are so many loganberries that the birds are scoffing half of them but I don't mind as long as there are still plenty for me ;)

  .....  rediscovering one of my favourite crochet spots - I used go here a lot last Summer and sit in the shade on hot sunny days (I'm not one to just bask in the full sun like a lot of people tend to do); well today I rediscovered this lovely big rock! there's a small rock-pool for me to dip my toes in too while I'm relaxing - life doesn't get better than that....

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