Thursday, August 15, 2013


...and it's that bonkers time of year again at work, so that's why I haven't even thought of posting a blog update in the last month.

Since I last updated on here I've been lucky enough to get a BIG custom order - for 9 hats! They are all made in matching yarn - it's 100% pure wool from Studio Donegal (Connemara Yarns) and is a great shade of moss green, with tiny tweedy flecks of orange, blue and purple.

 I was asked to make seven of the hats for women, and the other two are for men - so I made plain beanie hats (with a folded back brim) for the men, and made plain hats for the ladies but put matching crochet flowers on each one. I made each flower slightly different, so that they aren't all identical.
 I'm so thrilled with how they turned out - it's my biggest ever custom order to date, and the hats are going to be worn at an artist retreat locally, which I think is a fab idea!
In other news, I had attended a couple of craft fairs - the Scallop Festival on Valentia was much more quiet for me this year but it was still worth going to (and it's nice to be able to support something so local) and I've gone to the market in Portmagee twice - and will be going next week if everything goes to plan :)

I've finally had some greetings cards printed by Moo (oh I love Moo so much!) and they have sold REALLY well! I got a set of 25 printed with all different photos on, gave five to my sister as part of her birthday present and sold three on Etsy (so far) and sold ten at craft markets! I can't wait to get the next lot printed...

 These aren't great photos of them but it gives you an idea! I'm kind of surprised at how well they sold at the craft fairs - I like them myself (I'm biased though!) but it's so exciting that other people do too, and people have been so complimentary on my 'photography', which feels so strange!
 click here
you can click on the link above to see which ones I still have 'in stock' - though hopefully this will change after I've been to the market on Wednesday again....

We're coming out of the peak tourist season now at work so hopefully I will have a bit more energy for my crochet again; it always goes on the back-burner in July/August as I'm just left frazzled from work - though I do love to bring it to the beach with me on my days off whenever the weather allows! I've got several new beach combing photos to load on here but I'll leave it for another day I think.

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