Thursday, December 26, 2013


oh my ears and whiskers, I did it! 500 Etsy sales as of this afternoon!! big big thanks to everyone who has bought items from me, shared my photos/listings/pages etc and for just everything!

 Some more photos of Christmas at our house - I LOVE candles, and especially at this time of year when it just seems to be perpetually dark and dull.

The big heart shaped tea-light holder is in our sitting room window - it's so pretty!
 Christmas Day was actually a calm, sunny day - lovely and crisp, with snow on the far mountains. It was so nice out that Peter, Henry and I went for a walk along the golf links beach in the early afternoon - after breakfast (brioche and bucks fizz) and presents down at my Mum and Dads' house and before we had our dinner :)

I can finally post a photo on here of a very special present I made for the lovely Carrie <3 p="">
I made it using a pattern that I found in Simply Crochet magazine (though they used the squares for a blanket or scarf I think) - I really like the pattern - they are still 'granny squares' but with a bit of a twist!)

The yarn is lovely 100% baby alpaca from King Cole (via the lovely Springwools!) - you really need to be able to touch it to appreciate how luxurious it is!

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  1. My water bottle and cosy is the most beautiful gift and so comforting. I feel like the luckiest girl :) Thank you xxx