Saturday, February 22, 2014

confessions of a wool addict....

 argh, I KNOW I just said in my last blog update that I wouldn't be buying any more wools...I am a weak person with zero will-power! This is what happens when I get an email from BlackSheepWools to say that they are having a sale...
 ...and this...
 ...and this too!'s all lovely stuff and I will use it up (if I live that long!) but I don't exactly need it.

...and then while we were over in England I bought all of this....

...I'd only gone in to the wee wool shop looking for some fine 4-ply cotton and came out with two balls of it and all of this (and more, I've taken out the multiples of the Wendy Celtic yarn)

Sigh...I really think that I can't help myself! This really and truly is it as regards wool purchases for a while (not saying how long a 'while' is but I am going to try!!). I know it's like a broken record with me and it generally lasts until I get distracted by the next lovely thing I see but I really am going to try now! I have so much wool in stock and I'm going to try and work my way through it!

I've already made several hats with the bits and pieces I bought and now am in the middle of trying to re-stock my 'bath and beauty' section in my Etsy shop - with 100% pure cotton facial scrubbies (most are made with organic cotton) and once I'm all stocked up on scrubbies I might start making the pure cotton shower/bath mitts again before I go back to hats, wrist warmers etc etc.


  1. Oh I so know this used to be wools for me its jewellery bits and pieces...amazing the excuses I can find to buy even more. I suppose one good thing is they take up less room!

  2. What lovely summery shades...cant wait to see what you make..