Saturday, February 22, 2014

Using up some of my wools!

 just to prove I am using up some of my new wools! we had five days without any internet after the last big storm so I kept my mind off the bad weather by crocheting like crazy :)

you can see more of my hats here in my etsy shop if you're interested... click here for hats! -- I'm always making new ones and I've tried to stock up as best as I can on the lovely Wendy Celtic chunky one as I've discovered that it's been discontinued (why do they do this to me?!)

and here are just some of my new cotton facial scrubbies! Made in soft, organic cotton they are just great for your skin. I started to make these for myself originally and then started selling them in my etsy shop as I'm such a convert and wanted to spread the word.

scrubbies - click on the link if you'd like to check out the ones I currently have available - there are a few more to come and I'm happy to make up a 'pick and mix' set or do larger orders, on request.

I still need to update my blog on my life outside of crochet but that can wait for another day :)

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