Saturday, March 29, 2014

This is my life :)

 One of my most favourite things EVER has got to be that I am lucky enough to have a hobby that is incredibly portable - my crochet tends to go pretty much everywhere with me. So here are some photos from the last few days; yesterday was the first day this year that I've been able to sit out in the garden with my 'work'. In the spirit of honesty I have to tell you that I did have two hot water bottles on my deckchair but I did sit out for a good hour or so.

 I'm at my happiest though when I've got my crochet with me at one of the beaches I like to haunt - the ones I go to are the ones that don't get a lot of dog-walkers and other people: I really enjoy the feeling of it being just me and the sea and whatever birds and other wildlife want to join me :) This time of year (and through the winter) we have the great Northern divers in the bay - you usually just see one lone one, or sometimes too - they are one of my most favourite birds and I love sharing the tranquility with them.

This last photo is a hat that I made recently - the colours reminded me so much of Skittles (sweets) - it was a really fun hat to make and I hope it will go to a good home soon!

Some more photos from my life...

This is our Henry! He's been in our lives for over 9 years now and turned 11 last month, which is pretty good going for a greyhound. In the last few months he's started to deteriorate and it turns out that he has a kind of arthritis in his spine which sadly affects the mobility and power in his back legs. He's on two types of medication for this but it's something that will eventually get worse over time...but as long as we can keep him happy and comfortable then it's all alright. He's such a gentle soul and is bullied by our cats every day, but he never stands up for himself, it never even enters his head.

Talking of cats, this is our Dinah looking very adorable!
and this last one is just a photo I took on the way down to the beach one day last week, it was a lovely day :)

I'm so thrilled about how successful my greetings card sales have been this month - so far I've sold 31 of them which works out at about €80 for the gift fund for my sponsor child's community. Considering that the average yearly wage in Vietnam is approx €300 I'm hoping that my donation will go a long way out there.

In other Etsy related news I've started to list my beach pebbles again click here  in my Etsy shop - so far I've got nine listed and now I've run out of the very fine cotton so I will have to either buy some more or make do with fine 4-ply cotton instead -- I'm going to try the 4-ply and see how it works out for the wee bags. I just love it whenever one of these pebbles sells - I get excited whenever ANYTHING sells but the pebbles are really personal to me.
 I love it best of all when it's a glorious day and I find the prettiest pebble and have my crochet cotton and trusty hook with me in my beach bag and can make the little bag in situ on the beach :) It just feels so right and then whenever someone finds them on the internet in my Etsy shop and buys one it's just an amazing feeling.


  1. What a lovely post Rosemary! You made the reader feel a part of your day in such beautiful surroundings. I love to crochet outside as well but hate the wind we have had here lately:) Hot water bottle is a great idea!

  2. ah your poor little dog but he is lucky to have a kind owner. Hey well done on raising the funds for charity!

  3. Your life sounds lovely! I envy you the proximity of the sea. :)