Monday, April 14, 2014

Back at Work

 Now that I'm back at work I thought I'd post a few photos from my day job - on my first day back on the ferry we transported this little fella back to the mainland! I'm always saying that one of the many things I love about my job is that you never have two days or even two crossings the same - there are always new people to meet, locals to chat to, interesting wildlife and of course the weather is always changing's always different.

But this was the first ever terrapin we've brought across as a 'foot passenger'! It turns out that he had come across in August last year, on holiday with his owners and their family and he somehow escaped and managed to survive the winter outside on the island. He must have just come out of hibernation recently, and was found wandering about. So he was dropped down to the ferry in a box and came across with us so that he could be picked up on the other side and then transported back up to Cork where he lives.

And this is the view from my workplace - isn't it just out of this world??! I feel very lucky to have a job that I still enjoy (despite this being my ninth season). I am utterly exhausted at the moment though - it's always a real shock to my system to get back to work again after having been so lazy all winter. But I was off work yesterday and today, and then I'm back again for four evenings - so it isn't too bad -- and best of all, I'm off for the Saturday and Sunday of the Easter weekend!!

I had been hoping to make it to the beach yesterday or today but I'm so tired out that I'm going to give it a miss - I've got a big long list of jobs to try and get done in the house instead and inbetween my chores I'll hopefully be taking it easy.

My camera seems to have sorted itself out: which is, of course, a major relief. I am SO attached to my camera, it almost is like an extension of myself. I'm so happy that it is ok again, it's served me so well in the last seven plus years.

In crochet business - I've made the three beanie hats for my friend Barbara's 'wholesale' order (seven ladies hats and three beanies for men). I'm thinking about doing a different slouchy pattern than my normal one but have yet to sit down and choose one instead. There's no rush to get on with them just yet, I have about a month and a half to get them all finished but I think I'll try and sit down and look for a pattern this afternoon so I feel some bit organised...


  1. Oh, what a lovely terrapin! Helping animals is great, I would love to do that one day... I teach biology now. But I am thinking about talking some work experience or something at an aquarium, wildlife centre or sanctuary somewhere in the UK... lovely job! : )

    1. oh that's sounds like a great idea - I'd love that kind of work too :D

  2. Gosh, you certainly do have a lovely place to work, and to be able to wander to the beach and crochet too, it sounds idyllic. Love all the little plastic men you found on the beach!
    Caz xx

  3. I'm glad the little fella was sent home. His 'family' must have been so glad to hear he was ok after all.