Saturday, April 26, 2014

end of the month update

This will probably be my last update for this month unless something dramatic happens in the meantime; I'm finally getting the hang of starting to update on a regular basis - I have to admit that initially it was a bit of a chore to update my blog but now I find myself thinking ''oooh I must remember to write about this or that'': it's a nice feeling :)

 We've had a poorly old dog in the last week or so -- Peter had to take Henry to the vet one day last week while I was working as he had somehow managed to break one of his claws on his back leg and it got stuck into the sole of his foot and was obviously very painful. He had to wear a bandage for two days (you can just make it out in the photo) and was on antibiotics for five days. It did start to get better but then all of a sudden it was getting worse again and his foot was swelling up so he went back to the vet again - poor Henry, he absolutely hates going to see Paudie (our lovely vet) and twice in a week was a lot for a poor old hound to accept. But now he's on different antibiotics (and for ten days this time!) and it's already looking lots better - the swelling has finally gone down and he is able to put weight on it again (though he's still hobbling about a lot)

I had my first craft market of the year last weekend (Easter Sunday in Ballinskelligs) but although it was a wonderful sunny day and I was able to make practically a complete pair of wrist warmers while I was there, it wasn't really the most profitable one I've ever done - I only sold a chunky scarf, two of my cards and a pair of wrist warmers. It wouldn't have been too bad if people hadn't kept saying ''oh I'll be coming back for this'' and then never did :( - I always believe people when they say that and it gets my hopes up - rather than being realistic about it and thinking that they might just be being polite.

I'd taken a break from making the burgundy hats as I don't have to have them finished til some time in June, so I'd rather do them a couple at a time rather than having to sit down and make all ten in a concentrated burst. I like to have several different projects on the go at a time - usually using different thicknesses of yarns, different colours etc - to give myself a bit of variety.

 These are the wrist warmers which I was making in a blog post earlier this month - I LOVE how they turned out! They are made from sock yarn, which is just so incredibly fine but it's worth the extra time and effort.

 And I've made two of these granny square hats :) I really like how they turned out - and the blue and purple yarn was stuff I had left over from making wrist warmers so it was nice to be able to use some of that up in something different.

And I just finished these lovely cuffs yesterday - I utterly adore these colours :) The wool is super-duper soft too, they are just perfect. Hopefully they will go to a good home.

I managed to get down to the beach yesterday (with my crochet) - it was a bit cold but I was there for an hour and a half before it finally got too cold! I was thrilled to see that the sea pinks are nearly in flower - this little clump was right next to where I was sitting.

I love the colours of this dried seaweed - it looks like ribbon.

and this is where I was sitting - the tide was coming in so I was up on a rock to keep dry :)


  1. I adore those sock yarn wrist warmers, they're beautiful!! Hope your doggy gets better soon!

  2. Beautiful wrist warmers, and I like the sheep on the beach too (they're lucky I don't know how to shear sheep or turn their wool into something workable)

  3. I can't agree more about the wrist warmers, they are amazing! I'm sorry for your dog, hope it's doing better now :)