Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Ugh, sorry - I had been hoping to update on here more frequently but it has been so busy at work that I am just so tired and can't think straight when I am at home; it's the same thing every year and I don't have much energy or spare time for my beach combing or crochet either but I know it will pass and things will be back to 'normal' again soon.

I haven't started to use my wonderful gifts from the ladies at Lighthouse Yarns yet click to go to their facebook page but I can't wait!

I kind of have a back-log of yarns now (and actually just ordered some more from Deramores this morning) - this could be worthy of a blog-post all of its own; but I will work my way through them all in the fullness of time and once things quieten down at work again, and of course come October my day job will be over for the winter and I will be spending most of my time working on funky wrist warmers, hats etc etc etc...

I have been some bit productive though! My friend Helen gave me a 'bread board' (a great big wooden tray which is used for bread deliveries) and I've upcycled it to make a display for my greetings cards for use at craft fairs/markets etc.

I really LOVE how it turned out - and it certainly made my cards way more eye-catching at Portmagee market last week -- much more than when I just have had them on the table.

Still on the subject of my greetings cards, I've gone and ordered some brand new ones from Moo! buy greetings cards here! click on the link to see them all! I now have quite a selection of different photos in stock so hopefully there's something for everyone...