Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Keeping Warm

 A friend from Valentia asked if I would make her a couple of hot water bottle covers recently; I've made a few of them in the past but thought I'd try a different pattern this time. My latest copy of 'Simply Crochet' magazine had a popcorn stitch pattern so I decided to use that -- a hot water bottle cover needs to be quite thick/textured to help keep the heat in.
 I made the front with popcorn stitch and then did the back just in plain single crochet.
 The case is fastened by two buttons.

This is the second one, which I have just finished now. I am really happy with how they both have turned out and they are something that I hope will sell well for me at craft fairs or the markets in the run up to Christmas?

It's a pattern that I made up as I went along - I really like to make my own patterns best of all; I have written it all down though (this is very unlike me!) so that I can make others in the future and not have to trawl back through my photographs to try and work the pattern backwards.

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