Saturday, June 20, 2015

Still keeping warm!

 Yes, I'm still making hot water bottle covers! I have three of them listed in my Etsy shop and am in the middle of making another one, which is similar to the dark blue one below.

I love the ''popcorn'' stitch and it gives the hottie a great texture and is fab for keeping in the heat over a long period of time.

I'm still really hoping that they will be a good seller for me at craft markets etc. The Portmagee market is starting up on the 1st July - I'll be able to make the first two weeks of it as it falls on my days off work; I'm not sure what I'll do after previous years I've still gone in in the morning when I've been on work in the afternoon, but it's a bit of a rush...

Barbara the artist is getting ready for her summer retreat on Valentia so she's been in touch about her hat order -- it's still 11 hats but the ratio of men:women has changed so I've had to unpick a couple of the beanie hats and re-make them as women's ones instead; no bother for me one way or the other. I'm thrilled that she's chosen me again (for the third year in a row) to make the wooly hats for her artists in residence) - I think this year's version is my favourite yet.

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