Saturday, November 7, 2015

More New Bits and Pieces...

 This is some of the wool that I'd ordered from Germany earlier in the year -- it's just perfect for winter hats so I've unearthed it from one of my many boxes of yarn and have started to use it up!

I've made up two hats already from these shades and have just got them photographed and listed in my Etsy shop this afternoon.

It is just LOVELY to work with - it's Lana Grossa's ''Olympia Gold'' and is one that I would go back to buy (even going to the trouble of ordering it online from the same German website) - I really hope that the hats sell; I think they might sell better at craft fairs as you can feel how soft and warm they are when you can actually pick them up.

I've been so busy making things just lately - these three are wrist warmers made from King Cole's baby alpaca - the camel ones are already spoken for and the other two are in my Etsy shop. I need to get making more wrist warmers like these ones as not everyone is keen on the crocodile stitch ones!!

I've also been busy with my King Cole 'riot' - making these three hats in the last couple of days, and also finally finishing off this flower headband...(matching wrist warmers available!)

All this industriousness has boosted my stock in my Etsy shop -- I'm now up to 35 items in my wrist warmers section and 29 in my hats and headbands; giving my shop a healthier total now of 129 listings.

I've got four more hats to make in the German yarn and then I'll be going back to wrist warmers again for a while.

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