Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Old Stock..

 For the second year running, Lucy Hunt has stocked some of my items in her 'Sea Synergy' centre here in the village of Waterville - I've just got back the stock that hadn't sold through the summer so yesterday I decided to take some new photos for the Etsy listings for the hats and headbands.

I'm happy to say that I sold more in her shop this year than I did last year; she had a longer season this year, which made a big difference, but I'm hoping that this is something that will build up year on year.

I love my new model head SO much -- looking back at the old photos I'd taken for these hats (when I still had them listed on Etsy earlier in the year) makes me cringe a old model isn't a patch on my Ondine :)

I like her so much that I'm thinking seriously about buying a second one - in the summer months she can model the hats for me at Lucy's centre - and then I'll have a spare one myself for the summer craft fairs and for hats for my Etsy listings...and then in the winter I'll have two for my winter craft market displays...

I just need to choose a wig for Ondine's twin sister to this space....

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