Sunday, April 24, 2016

Local wildlife!

I'm full of cold at the moment so instead of doing a beach clean today (it's my days off work) I just wrapped up and brought my camera with me - it's lovely to be able to take in the scenery rather than spend the time looking for rubbish!

So today I managed to get a photo of one of the great northern divers (or loons) before they leave us for their breeding grounds in Iceland - they are hard to photograph as they don't really spend THAT long up on the surface of the water (not when they're close to the shore at least). They are one of my most favourite birds - I always look forward to when they come in the Autumn and then miss them when they leave us in the springtime.

The other birds are oyster-catchers -- I was trying to get close enough to them to take a half-way decent photo without scaring them into flight.

Then finally, I was trying to take photos of a pair of seals who were frolicking in the sea - they were quite far out so it wasn't easy!

The photos below are from my previous trip to this beach (on 19th April) - I filled up a bag with rubbish but kept some things aside just out of interest to document how many of them - so I have photos of the much-hated shotgun cartridges, light sticks (from fishing) and cigarette lighters...

Just when I was despairing about all the rubbish I was finding I found proper treasure! Yet another sea-heart!

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