Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Where does the time go?

Somehow it's already more than half way through April, and I haven't updated my little blog at all this month...I think this is what happens when I go back to work...it takes a while for things to settle back to a normal routine again.

So this is where I'm lucky enough to work :) Amazingly this will be my 11th season working on the ferry!

It already feels like we've been back at work for months even though it's been a few weeks - it's always like that - I spend half my year working on the ferry and the other half in my winter 'retirement' (crocheting like mad and cleaning the beaches).

As you can see I've still been making wrist warmers whenever I can :) I still have one pair to photograph and list and I'm now in the middle of making a pair of crocodile st. ones in King Cole's 'riot' for a friend.

Once I've finished that pair I need to have a re-organise of my wool cupboard (and boxes) - once I feel like I'm more fully stocked up on wrist warmers I might stretch out to a few scarves....

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