Saturday, November 5, 2016

More Taking Stock

Lucy has shut up her centre/gift shop for the winter now so earlier this week I got all my bits and pieces back from her.

She's been open for three summers now and each one has been more and more of a success for my crochet and cards.. I'm really happy with how I did there this season, and if it can be improved on for next year then that's even better again.

Now that I've got some more stock back, I'm up to 88 items in my Etsy shop (I still haven't listed the hats/wristwarmers for Jaye yet) and I have another pair of wrist warmers to photograph and list either today or tomorrow.

I've added these wrist warmers and hat to my Etsy shop - they were in Lucy's shop and I hadn't listed them on Etsy first so they are 'new' to my shop.

 I need to get these two scarves listed too, once I've got Peter to work out the postage for me first.

After I made the turquoise wool ruffled bag a few days ago I wound off the rest of the wool from the cone and I still have 1.2kg left of it - I want to make at least one more of the slouchy 'artists' hats in it and then maybe another ruffled bag and then see what's left...

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