Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yet More Hats

 I'm still working my way through my basket of 'hat' yarns that I'd pulled out of my cupboard a while ago. This cream one is the one I mentioned in my last post: made in a Katia yarn, it's a blend of wool, acrylic and alpaca. Someone on facebook is interested in it so I've 'reserved' it in my Etsy shop for her to check out...if she doesn't buy it then hopefully someone else will!

 This turquoise one is what I made after ripping out the popcorn/puff stitch mix up hat! It's made from Studio Donegal tweed wool - I bought 2 of the 2kg cones of the wool in this shade last year so I still have quite a bit to work my way through...
 These two hats (above and below) are both in Studio Donegal's tweed wool too: last year I used this slate grey for the mens' hats and had bought too much of it - I really like how this pair of hats turned out and like using the contrasting colour for the flowers on them both.
And this is one of the pair of hats I'd made with the King Cole Moorland aran - it's quite a simple looking hat really but I like the subtle colour combination.

Right now I'm using another Katia yarn, a lovely soft blue that has lots of different shades, hopefully I'll get that one finished tonight. I'm going to keep on making hats for a while lovely customer (and friend!) Jaye in the UK has asked me to make five hats for her! 

I've had to order the wool in - so watch this space! I know I've been trying not to order wool but it's different if it's something that's for a customer rather than me just randomly buying yarns...and I was very good and only bought what I needed rather than taking a peek at what else they were selling. It probably sounds a bit daft but I'm so happy that I was able to resist the temptation and just order what I needed.

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